Capital area real estate transfers from July 10 to 17

Published: 7/29/2019 10:45:36 AM

19 Gilbert Road; land and building; $240,000; Sarah and Tyler Fiscus to Aaron E. Graham and Elizabeth M. Keene.

Granite Street Extension; $13,500,000; Holiday Acres Inc to Bear View Crossing Coop.

5 Swiftwater Drive Unit 2; condominium; $104,933; DellCar Rentals LLC to Jessica Ball.


18 Bradley Lake Road; $275,000; Amy Schneider to Naomi Klepper and Nicholas Theberge.

218 Currier Road; land and building; $28,300; U.S. National Bank Trust to Donald T. Thompson.

No address provided; $69,733; Roberta J. Langley to Calculated Investments LLC.


Sleepy Hollow Lane; $50,000; Raymond H. Simoneau Ret and Bonni J. Reed to Shl T. and James R. Davis.

No address provided; $40,000; Joseph Martin to James A. Costello and Michael Darbanville.


1 Dove St.; land and building; $199,666; Jennifer Chaput to Batulo Hassan-Mahamed and Salad S. Salad.


6 Edgewood Drive; land and building; $310,000; Andre and Kathryn L. Tremblay to Ashley and Joshua C. Savoy.

3 Fox Meadow Drive; land and building; $447,533; Robert L. Barry and Pui L. Yee to Mamta and Sanjay K. Dua.

31 Heidi Lane; land and building; $525,000; Cynthia E. and David Martin to Dana U. and Tanya M. Royal.

112 Knox Road; land; $99,933; Gary D. and Linda J. Nylen to Strategic Contracting Co.

20 Laurel Drive; land and building; $329,933; Jeffrey Knight to Jessica B. and John T. Doyle.

6 Nathaniel Drive; land and building; $805,000; Kelly E. Grasso to Scott D. Atwell and Kara N. Sweeney.

7 Nesbitt Drive; land and building; $495,000; Scott Atwell and Kara N. Sweeney to Denis and Donna Drapeau.

78 S. Bow Road; land and building; $280,000; Erin Smith to Madison F. Earle.


Adams Road Unit 52; deeded slip; $72,000; Richard A. Duvarney to Paul R. and Lindsie A. Santamaria.

325 Brookwood Park Road; land and building; $279,000; Jonathan H. McCullough to Karen M. and Alan M. Meunier.

110 Merrimack St.; land and building; $125,000; Ann Guilfoyle to Donna M. Moses.

Peaked Hill Road; $334,933; Jeffrey L. Goodrum to 111 ES Ret and D. S. Viscosi-shirley.

Timber Lane; $40,000; Gregory A. Statires to James E. Hollins and Victoria F. Dickinson.

195 Upper Birch Drive; land and building; $279,933; Caroline A. Collins to Andrew and Karen Macleod.

No address provided Lot 1; $550,000; Alan E. Ennis to James W. Hunt.


165 Baptist Road; land and building; $575,000; Judith L. Haigh to Eric and Meghan E. Shoemaker.


44 Main St.; land and building; $274,000; Georges Realty LLC to Daniel A. Solorzano.

8 Merrill Drive; $350,000; Frank L. Merrill to Sarah L. and Tyler A. Fiscus.


85 Airport Road Unit 6; industrial condo; $60,000; Rejean J. Drouin to F. Paul Russo.

37 Alice Drive Unit 81; condominium; $108,000; Alana C. and Michael Peppersack to Brian W. Bishop.

35 Branch Turnpike; land and building; $275,000; Elizabeth K. Audet to Dariel O. Thompson.

5 Eldridge St.; land and building; $253,000; Gregg D. and Jennifer Kennedy to Kelly M. and Matthew W. Unger.

26 Emerson Road; land and building; $519,533; Karen and Peter Mcnamara to Emese Kalnoki-Kis and Ryan B. Provost.

29 Franklin St.; three-family home; $350,000; Jeddo LLC to Edisona and Thoma Luzi.

4 Kent St.; land and building; $295,000; Clara A. and Robert J. Dietel to Brien P. Murphy.

14 Knight St. Unit 3; condominium; $200,933; Marilyn K. Buffinga to M. A. Horstmann-Hodes and Paul W. Hodes.

24 Lawrence St.; land and building; $251,000; Andrew C. and Charity L. Hews to Adam Z. Rumfelt.

50 Modena Drive Unit 50; condominium; $140,000; Peter Palandri and Jeffrey Record to Jamie Villers.

276 N. State St.; office building; $260,000; Small Business Ad to Dartnell Properties LLC.

66 Pembroke Road; two-family home; $257,000; Renita C. Meisenburg Estate and Jeffrey Meisenburg to Kyla M. and Paul M. Nunes.

57 Peterson Circle; land and building; $310,000; Farzana Alamgir and Iqbal M. Alazad to Ryan Phinney and Lindsey Stevenson.

26 Primrose Lane; land and building; $260,000; Lisa McGreevy to Linda A. and Robert M. Labrie.

66 Primrose Lane; land and building; $299,000; Jeanine M. and Santo A. Fiorillo to Amy and Brian Miller.

18 Prince St.; land and building; $222,000; Prince Street LLC to Karen and Peter McNamara.

102-104 S. State St.; two-family home; $280,000; Mountain Beacon LLC to Diane and Ray Raimo.

13 Shenandoah Drive; land and building; $525,000; Mary S. Schultz to Farzana Alamgir and Iqbal M. Alazad.

2 Spruce St.; land and building; $238,000; David A. and Linda H. Reed to Andrew J. and Jennifer D. Luce.

29 Wilson Ave.; land and building; $388,933; Brenda Bind-Koch to Kevin Laplante.

15 Wyman St. Unit 57; condominium; $128,000; Beverly J. and Jonathan Holso to Tony S. Koxarakis.


Leslie Bolts; $40,000; Christopher Caron to Green Crow Corp.

No address provided; $30,000; John H. Morse Ret and John H. Morse to Christopher J. Caron.


16 Mountain View Road; land and building; $242,000; Gary Bolduc to Benjamin C. Carmen and Amanda L. Jaskolka.

Old Coffeetown Road; $39,400; Mitchell J. Harrison Estate and William Mitchell to Lisa D. Hepworth.


108 Campbell Lane; land and building; $360,533; James and Faye E. Fair to John Losee and Julianne Maloney-Losee.


10 Gary Road; land and building; $133,333; Lawrence L. and Susan R. Lafleur to Erica Buciak.

16 Gary Road; land and building; $175,600; Aminda L. Nicoloro to John Emmerling.

260 Mansion Road; land and building; $395,000; Ann E. Jeffers to Brigitte and David M. Paquin.

1023 Meadow Lane; land and building; $335,000; Beth A. and James Ayers to Jessica N. and Scott D. Vandenberg.

28 Ray Road; land and building; $336,000; Janet G. Besser and Daniel J. Seibert to Katherine and Samuel L. Littlefield.

85 Twist Hill Road; land and building; $465,000; Barbara A. and Robert A. Andersen to Beth A. and James T. Ayers.


409 Center Hill Road; land and building; $500,800; Nancy M. Odams to Justin R. and Linda P. Edgerton.

1621 Dover Road; multi-unit home; $250,000; Rita Marie Becker to Gary M. Cote.

261 Lockes Hill Road; mobile home; $85,000; Darryl and Wanda-Ann Holland to Samuel H. Ward.


58 Kendall St.; land and building; $35,100; FHLM to Michael Wright.

196 Pleasant St.; land and building; $169,000; Trisha M. Guarnieri to Donald P. Jeski.

69 Prospect St.; multi-unit home; $160,000; 2dc LLC to CVR 9395 LLC.

Smith Hill Road; land; $92,333; Peter S. and Wendy J. Fifield to Shaker Heights Land T. LLC.

5 Woodbine Drive; land and building; $285,000; David and Stephanie Margiotti to Eric C. Young.


71 Annis Drive Unit 4; condominium; $172,000; Ida M. Haynes to Scott and Jessica J. Alward.

Belknap Mountain Road; $600,000; Charles W. Hildreth to Jason and C. Drouin Ft and Caroline A. Drouin.

108 Cherry Valley Road Unit 2; condominium; $103,000; Wecsnow LLC to Elisha M. and Daniel A. Beauregard.

15 Hatch Drive; land and building; $238,000; Laurie L. Hooper to Charles W. Hildreth.

79 Old Rail Road; other; $97,866; Carolyn F. Berridge to Roger and Jennifer Labrecque.

Route 11 Lot 402; $18,000; Donna Martin to Lafayette Gilford LLC.

No address provided; $80,000; Paul W. Goodwin to Scot M. and Patricia M. Fuller.


141 Patterson Hill Road; land and building; $350,000; Patricia A. and William C. Bevans to E. F. Mosqueda-Smith and Richard F. Smith.

192 Rush Road; land and building; $259,000; Jerry D. Gilbert to Brenda M. and Robert N. Vanderlike.

No address provided; $85,000; Brunnhoelzl Ent LLC to Jerry D. Gilbert and Shelagh Mannix.


1 Dean Hill Road; land and building; $141,000; Jon L. and Nancy Bryan to 1 Dean Hill LLC.

Minott Road; $40,000; Beard Brook Village LLC to Fougere Homes LLC.

240 North Road; land and building; $408,266; Jon L. and Nancy Bryan to Flint Hill LLC.


790 Hopkinton Road; land and building; $289,000; Rosamond C. Carlson to Lindsay A. Hanson.

22 Indian Ridge Road; land and building; $255,000; Russell Chamberlain to Cara and Christine Johnson.

River Grant Condo Unit W7; condominium; $185,000; Troy Ret and Del Delampan to Rebecca E. Helme.

35 Snowshoe Trail; land and building; $270,000; Jennifer J. and Travis R. Campbell to Adam and Cassandra J. Audet.

245 Spring St.; land and building; $215,000; Troy Kennett to Keri M. Morrison.

No address provided Lot 45-1; $50,000; Frank H. Mrozek Estate and Lois R. Mrozek to Strategic Contracting Co.


70 Airport Road Unit 6; condominium; $54,000; Beech 6 C. LLC to R. F. and F I. Wilmarth Ret and Russell F. Wilmarth.

Batchelder Street; $160,000; Bertha Drouin to Burke and Coburn Llp.

637 Benton Drive; mobile home; $100,000; Shawn Simoneau to Allan D. Whitney.

266 Endicott St., N., Unit 18; condominium; $140,000; George W. and Patricia A. Cook to Sabrina N. Searles.

54 Jackson St.; land and building; $212,000; Benjamin R. and Phoenix D. Demark to Sarah Duffy.

Kentfield Court; $78,600; Granite Prospects of New England to Benson T. and Elisa A. Ekstrom.

Parade Road Lot 40a; $465,000; Raymonde Labonte to Joanne W. and Charles C. Dickinson.

No address provided Lot 2; $175,000; Russell W. Morey to Joseph Carley.


193 Coaster Road; land and building; $242,333; Kaitlin M. Anderson and Edward Raymond to Jeffrey D. Herberg.

9 East Cooper St.; land and building; $94,533; Shane L. Parrish to Tessa L. Dyer and Shane L. Parrish.

1017 Loudon Ridge Road; land and building; $180,000; Nina Dudley to MTGLQ Investors Lp.

168 Lovejoy Road; land and building; $250,000; Janet M. Bronson and Elena A. Robbins to Dolores B. and Jeremy D. Oakes.

Memory Lane; $343,000; MDGF LLC to Gloria C. Getchell.

7163 School St.; land and building; $210,000; Russell Stratton to Ryan M. Laroche.

7493 School St.; land and building; $63,000; Granite Town Re In.c to Denise L. and Nelson F. Perron.


3 Abbey Lane Unit 25; condominium; $222,000; David M. and Sharon M. Silva to Michael J. and Lita Hogan.

98 Pleasant St.; land and building; $410,000; William J. Lamson and Karen A. Lawson to Sally R. and Robert S. Cohen.

40 Tucker Mountain Road; land and building; $175,000; Oak Rt and John P. Baird to Daniel P. and Cynthia C. Nowell.

49 Veasey Shore Road; land and building; $660,000; Thomas J. Dikeman and Brian J. Kosanovich to Michele M. and Terry W. Penner.

No address provided Lot B; $310,000; Dianna Lannon and Gregory M. Sponzo to Gregory M. and Jodi A. Sponzo.

No address provided; $250,000; Roy J. Babylon to Katy Babylon.


17 Castle Lane; land and building; $349,000; Lance D. Hansen and Susan L. Zylstra-Hansen to Chasity L. and Kevin J. Trybulski.

40 Highland Ridge Road Unit 40; condominium; $345,000; Joan J. Fellows 1992 T. and Douglas E. Blackwell to Marvin R. Schouten Jr.

557 Seamans Road; land and building; $650,000; Samuel Drive LLC to Rodney Buttry and Carol Emanuelson.

742 Seamans Road; land and building; $350,000; Gregory A. Coyle and Tracy M. Prescott to Nancy C. Bernardy and Mark A. Hayes.


Route 103 Lot 102; $270,000; Cynthia and Stephen M. Snyder to Lekker Plek LLC.

No address provided; $790,000; Bryan Gardiner to Barbara and Philip B. Barr.


43 Riverside Business Park; land and building; $204,000; Donald A. Alati Ft and Jean Bergeron to Ryan Alati.

41 Stevens Road; land and building; $125,200; Jimi and Nancy Austin to Alexander P. Langlois.

12 Watson St.; land and building; $217,000; J. Henderson Props LLC to Sarah and Shane T. Pepin.

No address provided Lot 12; $154,800; Jimi and Nancy Austin to Alexander P. Langlois.


100 Main St. Unit M3; condominium; $87,933; William M. Moore to Mia Lee.

448 North Pembroke Road; land and building; $365,000; Christine M. Howe Ret and Christine M. Howe to Elvin M. Alvarez and Debrarose L. Gratton.

414 Nadine Drive; land and building; $270,000; Paul Newton to Aliscail Jimenez and Courtney M. Ramos.

7 Pine St.; land and building; $205,000; Dolores and Michael B. Oakes to Fleur P. Pantazis and Roger J. Racicot.


Carroll Street; $130,000; George C. Stafford and Sons to Amp Sales Corp.

424 Catamount Road; land and building; $259,933; Anthony M. and Sharon S. Lebel to Bridget Lafemina and Jason Walker.

4 Park Terrace; multi-unit home; $90,000; Sttipfield LLC to David M. Mckay.

33 Russet Drive; land and building; $262,533; Deborah M. and Paul F. Messineo to Eileen Ferro and Ryan M. Schock.


27 Cross Country Lane; land and building; $320,000; Richard E. Manzi to Catherine B. Wakefield and Luke Zachary-Wakefield.

140 Davis Road Unit 6; condominium; $111,000; Seth D. Arcieri to Jessica Lievens.

72 Highland St.; land and building; $274,800; Luke and Catherine B. Wakefield to David W. and Kathryn F. Cole.

54 Reservoir Road; land and building; $155,800; Jeffrey and Kelsie B. Eckert to Jennifer Forest-Steinberg and Christine L. Steinberg.

24 River Road; land and building; $284,800; Michael R. and Sarah L. Vittum to Jennifer A. and Lisa M. Nelson.

Terry Mountain Highway; $410,000; Warehouse Furniture Dirct to 3 Lakes Properties LLC.


475 South Road; land and building; $232,533; Alden H. and Cynthia Ewart to Randall P. Arborio and Carole Sweezey-Gisiger.


287 Black Brook Road; land and building; $208,000; Michelle C. Beaudry and Fnma to Marrycorp LLC.

107 Shaw Hill Road; land and building; $224,000; Janet A. Rosequist to Catherine A. and Laurent H. Cotnoir.


1479 Route 114; land and building; $169,200; Agnes J. and Peter A. Wojtal to Heather and Jason D. Milanesi.

No address provided; $209,000; William Holmes to Cynthia L. and Jeffrey M. Jangel.


Main Street; $125,800; Mountain Valley Props LLC to Bear Investments 2 LLC.

Tilton Heights Condo Unit 2; condominium; $97,533; Robin M. Hanson to William J. O’Connell.

No address provided Lot 3; $202,000; Christine Johnson to Laura E. Kotusky and Michael J. Fitzhebert.


383 Concord Stage Road; land and building; $258,533; Travis Toner to Joseph H. Ramos.

822 Concord Stage Road; land and building; $283,000; Nicholas E. Smallwood to Timothy Davis and Tara Rousselle.


49 Village Road; multi-unit home; $280,000; Dorothy Y. James to Harrison T. and Patricia S. Roberts.

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