Capital area real estate listing Nov. 6 to 12, 2019

Published: 11/22/2019 11:14:06 AM
Modified: 11/22/2019 11:13:54 AM

Hoyt Road; $40,000; Cecile R. and Denis Caron to Armand J. Boisvert.

97 Lockwood Road; land and building; $230,000; Michael A. Rheaume to Edward M. Mack.


Province Road; land; $45,000; Brandon Bibeau to Richard S. Frost.

14 Washington Court; land and building; $235,000; James J. Griffin to Adam S. Williams and Arielle M. Elliott.


31 Hackett Road; land and building; $185,000; Thomas E. Taylor to Travis Toner.

48 Orchard Hill Road Unit 3; condominium; $70,000; Kenneth O. and Tracy L. Wood to Mary McMahon.

48 Orchard Hill Road Unit 1; condominium; $53,550; Deborah Brittain to Deutsche National Bank Trust.


8 Chandler St.; two-family home; $234,933; Charles C. Wood to Edward A. and Melissa L. Sargent.

185 King St.; land and building; $125,000; Jonathan and Lauren Roach to Alpine Investment Group.

5 Pine St.; land and building; $299,933; MDR Rehab and Development LLC to Amy and Laura J. Butland.

No address provided; $1,800,000; Boscawen Dg LLC to 169 King St NH LLC.


8 Dunnmoore Drive; two-family home; $525,000; Durrell Smith to Lisa Hall and Christine Parr.

45 Woodhill Hooksett Road; land and building; $392,533; Adrian and Judy Konn to Cynthia A. Martin.


Jewett Hill Road; $110,000; Cheryl R. Combest and Robert B. Friedman to Jeffrey P. and Nancy H. Fullam.

509 West Road; land and building; $50,000; Laurie Colburn to Michael S. Sherrill.


4071 River Road; land and building; $218,000; Elizabeth S. Buitenhuys to Karyn K. Olson.


37 Alice Drive Unit 27; condominium; $113,000; FNMA to Kadin Stgermain.

7 Ellsworth St.; land and building; $204,933; Janine S. and Thomas M. Maher to Spencer J. Rak.

138 Hoit Road; land and building; $260,000; Cynthia Peace to Christopher G. Bourg.

12 Integra Drive; other; $2,900,000; John Dapergolas to Mark P. Lefebvre.

54 Metalak Drive Unit 54; condominium; $160,000; Jacquelyn A. and Lindsey Parker to Robin L. and William R. Gagne.

72 N. Spring St.; two-family home; $156,000; Marilyn E. Reardon Estate and Tara Reardon to Shin-min Lee and Joseph J. Mainheit.

88 Penacook St.; land and building; $178,933; John F. Ahearn to Mark F. Jewell.

16 Pleasant View Ave.; land and building; $342,000; Marta C. Boyle to Daniel E. and Lise A. Swacha.

102 Rumford St.; land and building; $14,000; Kerri-lyn Gilpatrick to Sean W. Gilpatrick.

112 Warren St.; land and building; $190,000; Rita Carignan-Carson to Claude C. Comeau.

54 Washington St.; three-family home; $310,000; Granite Arrow Properties to 54 Washington Street LLC.


Echo Valley Farm Road; $379,549; Barbara R. Hoffmann and Nationstar Hecm Acq T. to Nationstar Reo Sub 1b LLC.

69 Griffin Road; mobile home; $40,000; Sarah L. Wicks to Just Antoher LLC.

23-a Old Candia Road; land and building; $353,000; Marrissa B. and Brandon M. Macleod to Jacob Chaloux.


137 Fisher Road; land and building; $340,000; Paul A. and Celeste A. Manning to Katie A. Lavoie and Betty J. MacDuff.


17 Birchview Drive; land and building; $404,000; Daniel McKeown to Donald B. and Kari C. Watford.

No address provided Lot 2; $255,000; Michaela and Paul R. Blanchette to Donald Defreest.


321 Prospect St.; commercial building; $312,000; 1 Yellow Rose LLC to Mojalaki Holdings LLC.


5 Cumberland Road Unit 30; condominium; $60,533; Aps Solo 401k T. and David Whalley to Stephen J. Durand.

Harris Shore Road; $150,000; Kona Rt and Peter Goodman to Joshua H. and Erin E. Bailey.

139 Heights Road; land and building; $450,000; James W. and June T. Dufford to Michael T. Murphy.

107 Morrill St.; land and building; $160,000; Cindy M. Haslam to Semir Mehmedovic and Kelsey R. Atherton.

9 Pier Point Road; other; $76,933; Christina L. Lachance to Alfred T. and Diane Lannan.

No address provided Lot 1-171; $133,000; S. Mark Corringham and Bank of New Hampshire to Gatheral Properties Inc.

No address provided Lot 2-65a; $310,000; James R. and Katherine A. Ruggles to Christine Soyun-lee.


Camp Leo Road; $95,000; Virginia Boyd to Brandon and Andrea Deschuiteneer.

27 Meeting House Road; land and building; $246,000; Richard B. and Linda Hume to Jennifer P. Carson and Ian S. Ridlon.

Route 140; $96,733; Sylvia Roberts-O’Reilly and Hugh E. O’Reilly to Thomas W. and Debra A. Buckingham.

Route 140; $48,400; Sylvia Roberts-O’Rreilly and Helene E. Roberts to Thomas W. and Debra A. Buckingham.


304 Hillside Drive; land and building; $260,000; Bethany and Samuel Mostue to Alicia A. McClure and Conrad J. Shelley.

180 Pine Hill Road; land and building; $295,000; Alisha D. Adams and Kevin J. Powell to Michael F. and Wiebke Powers.


56 Stowe Mountain Road; land and building; $199,000; George J. and Judy A. Dube to Geoffrey R. Stonge and Pamela P. Benoit-Stonge.


42 Akron Way Unit 47; condominium; $175,000; Brady Sullivan Beaver Pond to Lynne Menard.

72 Freedom Lane Unit A; condominium; $285,000; Mark R. and Debora L. Krider to Richard H. Keeler and Wendy Swansen-Keeler.

18 Lyford St.; land and building; $175,000; Mary Ellen P. Boudman to Jennifer L. and Patrick J. Freo.

6 Magnolia Lane Unit 6; condominium; $218,000; Elizabeth J. Howard to Roy and Barbara A. Wirth.

North Main Street; $312,000; Lakes Region Mental Health to 39 W. Street and Sheldon Ganz.

20 Penny Lane; land and building; $230,900; Esteban Escobar and PHH Mortgage Corp to Rand Hill Realty LLC.

33 Sterling Drive; land and building; $317,333; Jonathan M. Lian to John and Maureen Dibartolomeo.

40 Summer St.; residential building; $225,000; Richard G. and Brenda S. Poirier to Thomas J. Milligan.

1144 Weirs Boulevard Unit 18; condominium; $190,000; Lakehouse Cottages LLC to Michael R. and Dawne M. Micalizzi.

No address provided Lot 7; $50,000; James Foderaro to Jeremy and Toni Bernardo.


92 Bumfagon Road; land and building; $487,733; X. Bankers LLC to Earl W. Duval and Elizabeth R. Thompson.


73 Collins Brook Road; land and building; $590,000; Judith L. Murdock to Nicole Warner and Adam Beam.

Drake Road; $33,000; Rebecca S. Levesque to Matthew W. Dever.

1 East Bluff Highlands Unit 18; condominium; $190,000; Gaetano R. and Denise Lentini to Samantha L. Kenney.

208 Parade Road; land and building; $118,000; Ralph E. George and Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Wilmington Savings Fund Society.

18 Pleasant St.; two-family home; $828,000; Comeenjoytheporch LLC to Meredith Bay Realty LLC.

Red Gate Lane Lot; land; $70,000; Mary F. Jensen Irt and Darlene K. Donaruma to David E. and Sylvia E. Detscher.

No address provided; $12,000; Comeenjoytheporch LLC to Meredith Bay Realty LLC.


112 Gay Farm Road; land and building; $469,933; Diana Alexandru and Eugene Mallozzi to Maria A. and Michael A. Stancombe.

73 Gould Road; land and building; $290,000; Yvette M. Rock Estate and William Green to William J. Dickman and Janet L. Lines.


Bean Hill Road; $10,000; Warren C. Lafferty to Adam J. Lafferty and Jayme R. Roberge.

88 Fiske Road; land and building; $205,000; Arvest Central Mortgage to Iyvan Chong.

45 Sargent St.; land and building; $173,000; Mitzie D. Irving to David J. Jean.


Lake Road; $102,533; S. J. and J. M. Aiello Ret and Salvatore J. Aiello to Kyle Malett and Sarah Mallett.

154 Tasker Shore Drive; land and building; $470,000; Robert M. Sullivan to Stephen C. Nash.


Broken Bridge Road; $700,000; PPG Development LLC to MNP Realty LLC.


22 Manchester St.; land; $28,000; Roberta Blackler to Talitha N. McLain.

10 Shackford Court; multi-unit home; $205,000; Idora R. Chapman to Kirk A. Desrosiers and Susan A. Provencher.

99 Tilton Hill Road; land and building; $230,000; Lee R. Camire to Cheryl A. and Mackenzie L. Friend.


39 Russell St.; land and building; $160,000; Christopher J. Prior and Mark E. Hebert to Greg and Cynthia Colby.


87 Hale Road; land and building; $245,000; Jeanne Auger to Scott and Kimberly A. Auger.

64 Kaulback Road; land and building; $245,800; Lynne M. Menard to James P. and Margaret B. Forde.


20 Shady Lane; land and building; $200,000; Raymond E. Smith and MTGLQ Investors Lp to MTGLQ Investors Lp.


Parade Ground Cemetery Road; $55,000; Bear Bee Inc. to Mark A. and Wendi K. Hubert.


71 Clark Mill Road; land and building; $299,000; Regina R. Cole to Carol A. Paris and Matthew P. Plourde.

55 Collins Landing Road Unit 76; condominium; $245,000; Catherine M. Raymond Ret and Jacqueline Drouse to Fay Formosa.

1030 Concord Stage Road; multi-unit home; $280,000; Janet L. Aldrich to Maryrose Donohue and Robert Bartlett.

46 Hoit Mill Road; mobile home; $180,000; Alexander C. and Dana E. Bisson to Jason M. Collins and Christy M. Stover.

224 Mount Dearborn Road; land and building; $245,000; Verna G. Martin Ft and Terry M. Knowles to Janath Welch and Jeremy Gilman.

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