Capital area real estate listings for Dec. 11 to 17

Published: 12/31/2019 1:37:27 PM
Modified: 12/31/2019 1:37:08 PM

2 Ash Drive; land and building; $229,000; Charles F. Booker Estate and Nicole Leonard to Kendra and Kirk Wallingford.

Beauty Hill Road Lot 4; $60,000; Jacob A. Donigian to Derek Murtagh.

4 Carpenter Road; land and building; $395,933; Robert and Manon Beetz to R. Scott and Lisa A. Alessi.

89 Coles Ledge Road; land and building; $302,000; Frank E. and Sarah G. Trask to Timothy G. Gaudreau and Atlanta J. McIlwraith.

30 Forest Road; mobile home; $170,000; Linda M. Spinosa to Maurice Page.

146 Hartshorn Road; land and building; $162,100; Brenda L. Hancock and Freedom Mortgage Corp to Freedom Mortgage Corp.

154 Narrows Road; land and building; $260,000; Daniel L. Young to Joseph W. Callahan.


360 Hurricane Road; land and building; $190,000; Michael R. Crockett to David E. and Cassie A. Smith.


9 Hollins Ave.; land and building; $326,000; Eric R. and Kylee A. Syms to Dennis Chou.

238 Queen St.; land and building; $294,000; Terri L. Fournier to Amanda K. and Brian R. Surprenant.

Salisbury Road; $260,000; Caroletta C. Alicea to David Albert.


30 Carriage Road; land; $333,000; Jeffrey Knight to Myles Jadis.

530 Clinton St.; land and building; $239,933; Krystal R. and Robert M. Clark to Ashley M. Donahue and Patrick W. Farrell.

87 White Rock Hill Road; land and building; $400,000; Andrew and Christopher Knight to Adrian B. and Judy A. Konn.

No address available Lot 41a1; $187,533; Colinbrooke Homes LLC to Statewide Holdings LLC.


East Washington Road; $1,070,800; Richard Yospin to Granite Reality LLC.

30 Maple View Drive; $259,800; All State Builders Inc to Anthony M. Ferrigno and Anne M. Macewen.


38 Fourth St.; land and building; $179,000; Albert and Phyllis E. Martin to Heather M. Smith.

122 Crescent St.; land and building; $230,000; Tara L. Maki to Justin Corbitt-Manseau and Sally Manseau.

No address available Lot 1; $12,000; Thomas A. Crouse Estate and Edward M. Gordon to Bettina McCarthy-Ford.


Ayers Road Lot 10; $45,000; Pamela J. Doucet to Leanne and Sean O’Brien.

9 Nottingham Road; land and building; $209,933; Luanne and Timothy L. Hagerty to Gayle Harris.

Old Tilton Road; $225,000; Elizabeth A. Puckett to Michelle M. Beaudry and Mark D. Frank.


46 Allison St.; land and building; $310,000; Griffin Meadow Group LLC to Eric A. Baker and Jasmine K. Fayez.

61 Bluffs Drive Unit 61; condominium; $144,000; Cory P. and Stephanie Foote to Brittany L. and Ethan T. Shea.

84 Brach Turnpike Unit 48; condominium; $200,000; Jacob M. Logan to Charles G. Gelinas.

4 Clematis Circle; land and building; $259,000; Ashley J. Demattia and Michael Simonds to Josephine and Stefan Grumazescu.

14 Dogwood Terrace; land and building; $131,200; Rene R. Saucier to Aka Property Buyers LLC.

122 Elm St.; land and building; $245,000; Shawn E. Young to Stephanie L. Foote and Derek J. Lemay.

18 Engel St.; land and building; $198,000; Donald E. Heath Estate and Peter G. Heath to Taury Anderson and Christopher C. Hanson.

120 Fisherville Road Unit 32; condominium; $136,000; Lani Smedberg to Linda L. Fraser.

120 Fisherville Road Unit 76; condominium; $125,000; Joseph P. Sklut to Linda Huong-Pham.

1 Gentian Drive; land and building; $285,000; Daniel and Lise A. Swacha to Iuliana and Patrick K. Robinson.

227 Loudon Road Unit 27; condominium; $132,533; Robert C. Hamilton to Carolyn S. Spooner.

10 Maple St.; two-family home; $206,910; Seraph Robinson-Jacob to U.S. National Bank Trust.

84 Modena Drive Unit 84; condominium; $150,000; Andrew B. Topliffe to Gary M. Day.

10 Morton St.; land and building; $200,000; Richard V. and Cecile R. Wester to Kathleen E. Byrne.

489 Mountain Road; land and building; $225,000; Lorraine and Ronald Dunlap to Mark Jenks.

29 Noyes St.; land and building; $290,000; Paul R. and Teresa Schumacher to Patrick Maccini.

23-½ Perley St.; two-family home; $220,000; Andrea Labonville to Jason Milne.

Pleasant Street, Unit 4; condominium; $319,933; Spring Corner Realty LLC to Patricia Mackay-Monheim and Eric R. Monehim.

2 Susan Lane Unit 1; condominium; $159,000; John J. Stanewick and FNMA to Laurel and Mark Anderson.

130 Warren St.; land and building; $175,000; Kevin E. Lyons to Daniel N. Hanna and Bridget A. Lyons.

Wyman Street, Lot 14; $116,000; Caitlin and Thomas Potter to Andrew D. and Collin A. Ramsdell.

No address available; $80,000; Patricia M. Bradbury to Carmen Collazo.


No address available Lot 21; $42,533; Clarence Jefferies to Kerry J. and Richard B. Gamby.


8 Browns Mill Road; land and building; $360,000; Kevin D. and Katie L. St. Laurent to April K. Smith and Joshua G. Appleby.

100 Hartford Brook Road; land and building; $299,933; James D. and Amy L. Cortez to Joel B. and Jennifer M. Miller.

117 North Road; land and building; $450,000; Elizabeth Martin to Scott C. Kentner and Rebecca M. Kentner.


69 Clement Hill Road; land and building; $200,000; Frances J. Nazar to Mayank K. Thapa.

621 E. Deering Road; land and building; $250,000; Kate E. Dinapoli to Richard R. Towle and Victoria L. Moore.

523 Reservoir Road; land and building; $180,000; Kristopher E. and Jessica Midtlyng to Nathaniel Hillsgrove.


Route 13; $295,000; Frederic L. Mills Jr. Estate and Brenda M. Barnard to 131 North Stark Highway and Wayne B. Mills.


Black Hall Road; $100,000; Shih Yu Pao to Z. and C. LLC.

272 Lockes Hill Road; land and building; $400,000; Jennifer Currier and Marla Pond to Carlos A. Fonseca.

943 Suncook Valley Highway; commercial building; $600,000; Shih Yu Pao to ZCT LLC.

36 Windymere Drive; multi-unit home; $160,000; Flare Investments LLC and Fireball Realty LLC to Big Easy Campground LLC.


785 Central St.; commercial building; $1,718,000; Arcp Fd Portfolio 15 LLC to MDC Coast 19 LLC.

178 Franklin St.; land and building; $198,000; Kimberly A. and Steven M. Giusti to David R. and Emily J. Hallee.

63 Prospect St.; land and building; $98,869; Michelle M. Pisco and to NHFA.

183 Summit St.; land and building; $170,000; Jared and Sara Rubino to Kyle D. Hammond and Katelyn A. Shaw.


2696 Lake Shore Road Unit 8; condominium; $575,000; Luanne M. St. Pierre to Evermore 2013 Irt and Kathwerine E. Heffernan.

291 Mountain Drive; land and building; $270,000; Jason B. and Stevie A. Larrere to Fitzroy E. Letts and Tiffany Pena.

26 Pineway; land and building; $450,000; Matthew V. Buck and Ana E. Panduro-Buck to Yaroslav Busyuk and Katelyn Basyuk.

Route 11 Lot 504; $14,933; Jose C. and Maria D. Francisco to Julie Chrissis.

220 Weirs Road; land and building; $355,000; David L. Glazier to Timothy and Heather Joubert.

No address available Lot 9-73; $350,000; Swain Road Farm LLC to J. and B. Garneau.

No address available Lot 5-73; $320,000; Linda J. Imber to David M. and Kelly J. Storlazzi.

No address available; $70,000; Denis Bourque to Real J. and Kristen M. Tanguay.

No address available Lot 23; $290,000; Timothy P. and Heather M. Joubert to Matthew C. Smarkel and Aimee B. Breton.

No address available; $42,533; Mountain View Rt and John J. Colautuoni to Kathleen Czubaruk and Steven St. Onge.

No address available Lot 68; $197,000; Stephanie L. Broderick to Andrew and Lisa M. Kazakis.


Horace Greeley Road; $445,000; Lisa A. and Scott Alessi to Andres Gazzolo.

75 Middle Route; land and building; $126,000; John D. Kelley to Thomas W. Kelley.


186 Mount Hunger Road; land ; $365,000; Eastport Property Holdings to Randy L. Woods and Susan Burris-Woods.


42 Ellen Brook Road; land and building; $93,000; Richard A. Adams and FNMA to Bennett Properties LLC.

116 Jefferson Drive; land and building; $257,000; Michelle J. Logan to Charles Loving and Pamela Kelley.

63 Pine Ridge Road; land and building; $179,000; John L. Corbeil to Kayla Pomerleau.

River Street; $50,000; Guy W. Kimball to Robert A. and Kelly C. Derrico.

No address available Lot 32; $16,000; Town of Hillsborough to James R. McDavid and Linda L. Simpson.


1066 Upper Straw Road; land; $364,933; J. K. Mullikin and Son Homes to Samuel A. Osterhout.

No address available; $329,933; Holly Dubreuil and Nathan Holmes to Daniel J. and Judith M. Walsh.


41 Alpine Circle Unit B; condominium; $299,000; David J. Campaniello Estate and Eirinn J. Campaniello to Diane M. Souza.

2 Chester Court; two-family home; $186,000; Hong Y. Hong and Song Q. Wang to Kyle H. Nelson and Alexis Mooney.

100 Dartmouth St.; land and building; $250,000; Priscilla A. Sanborn to Benjamin R. and Hannah M. O’Brien.

36 Dixon St.; land and building; $164,933; Joann M. Lamothe to Ashley McLeod and Bradley Caprarello.

253 Elm St.; land and building; $268,504; Marc R. MacAlpine to FNMA.

37 Lighthouse Cliffs; land and building; $1,350,000; David Bartlett and Sue E. Erickson-Bartlett to David B. and Susan K. Horner.

1233 Meredith Center Road; land and building; $130,000; Kim A. Fury to Thomas B. MacDonald.

105 Natures View Drive; land and building; $300,000; Jennah L. and Samuel A. Wolak to Keino K. and Alicia D. Streete.

95 Prescott Ave.; land and building; $287,533; Aurel and Juliana Cenolli to Stacy Tarazewich.

23 Summit Ave.; land and building; $1,500,000; Gerald E. and Carol M. Kobleski to Todd and Christine Kobelski.

No address available Lot 27; $115,000; Rosanne Spinney to Miles Lewallen-Sheffer and Dawn E. Sheffer.

No address available Lot 105; $820,000; David and Carol Zogopoulos to Michael Maguire and Mary Blane.


106 Berry Road; land and building; $184,800; Nancy B. Rondeau to Kelly A. and Mark S. Washburn.


15 Barnard Ridge Road; land and building; $135,000; Steven T. Davis to Gary J. Archibald and Christopher A. Adams.

No address available Lot 4; $106,000; Nicole Emerson-Flaherty to Chip Doherty.

No address available Lot 7; $709,000; Scott D. and Maxine S. Siegler to David J. Bartlett and Sue E. Erickson-Bartlett.


Gordon Hill Road; $290,000; Bruce R. Hamel to Robert E. Dorley and Candice L. Marcoux-Dorley.

232 Pinnacle Hill Road; land and building; $294,000; Daniel and Faith Seguin to Paul and Ann Rowland.


No address available Lot 3; $160,000; George B. West to Grant G. and Robyn Geisler.


Bay Point Road; $235,000; Marion and Judwin Traub to Carl Eberth.

122 Cheney Road; land and building; $208,000; Angela and Timothy Monahan to Lindsay Brook and Vincent Theodorakis.

60 Highland Ave.; land and building; $925,000; Timothy A. Clarke and Kathleen C. Ellis to Tranquille LLC.


420 E. Pleasant St.; land and building; $310,000; R. Garth Dubois to Cari M. and Gregory M. Bernash.

Megan Drive; land; $59,000; Brian Butt to Jennifer M. and Timothy R. Brown.

201 Oak Hill Road; $13,533; Town of Northfield to Michael and Tiffany Mayo.


635 First N.H. Turnpike; commercial building; $250,000; 201 Highland LLC to Ray Properties LLC.

23 Pender Road; land and building; $375,000; Robert E. and Christine E. Lasky to Jeremiah J. and Amanda F. Manning.

30 Trillium Lane; land and building; $574,933; Ryan and Ashley Robbins to Kathleen M. Currier.


North Pembroke Road; $90,000; Albert J. Pickering to Sharon Drew.


16 Watson St.; land and building; $160,000; Triple 3 Investments LLC to Alyssa L. and Joshua Francis.

No address available; $70,000; AHG Properties Inc to Kristina Hare.


39 Bell Road; land and building; $790,000; Allan J. and Sharon M. Conkey to Jonathan C. Beach.

Memory Lane; $213,133; Karen A. Freitas to Margaet Coyne.


24 Dunlop Drive; land and building; $186,000; Michelle Mitchell to Jessica L. Brunelle and Edward Grzyb.

19 Hemlock Road; mobile home; $15,000; Andrew Nadeau Ft and Marie G. Creasey to Michael A. Nadeau.

78 Rolling Hills Drive; $372,600; Country Meadows Manufacturing to Samuel A. and Jennah Wolak.


63 Buxton School Road; land and building; $250,000; Forgin Farm Ret and Forrest H. Esenwine to George A. and Barbara N. Lemay.

191 John Connor Road; land and building; $339,933; Doreen Kenney to Roberta J. Gullage and Stephen T. Chipp.

18 Lafrance Road; land and building; $297,000; David B. and Donna M. Plant to Peter Hartwell and Brianna Clayton.

72 Maplewold Road; land and building; $195,000; William L. and P. S. Paxton Lt and William L. Paxton to Frederick L. Paro and Kourtney J. Williams.

640 River Road; multi-unit home; $336,533; Lori J. Giguere and Debbie A. Perry to Hugh M. Smith.

Riverdale Road; $445,000; Michael J. Alberino to Christopher J. and Alyssa Pascoe.

South Quaker Street; $70,000; James L. Brown to Craig A. Waldron.

320 S. Stark Highway; land and building; $294,000; Roger and Meghan Crete to William and Linda McDougall.


741 Battle St.; land and building; $209,533; Lynn C. Andrewski to Charles J. and Rebeca St. Cin.

14 Concord Drive; land and building; $113,333; JP Morgan Chase Bank to Morning View Homes LLC.


12 Mountain Outlook; $352,000; John A. and Marcia T. White to Geoffrey C. Bonewald and Leah R. Tully.

78 U.S. Route 4; multi-unit home; $302,000; Melissa and Scott Miller to Spectra Properties LLC.


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