Capital area real estate transfers from Jan. 2 to 7

Published: 1/16/2020 4:48:57 PM
Modified: 1/16/2020 4:48:05 PM

214 Deerfield Road; land and building; $330,000; Shannon M. Fica and Ashley Gayhart to Irene M. Costa.


48 Orchard Hill Road Unit 204; condominium; $67,000; Deutsche National Bank to David A. Wilcox and Elizabeth Hart-Wilcox.


145 Corn Hill Road; land and building; $262,533; Anita L. Higman and Timothy J. Lynch to David D. and Kara B. Tubbs.

48 Queen St.; land and building; $241,000; Donald W. Reid to Adam V. Karich and Kathrine Leszczynska.


Pinnacle Lane; $2,000,000; Primary Bank and New Hampshire Land Investments to Pinnacle Lane Development LLC.

7 Stack Drive; land and building; $333,000; Leo P. and S. Begin Ret and Pamela L. Snow to Christa G. and Jonathan M. Threlfall.


Chestnut Street; $34,000; 21 Pleasant Street Pl LLC to Stephen R. and Christene R. Metheney.

No address provided; $40,000; Scott E. and Marybeth Forbes to John P. McCaffery.


35 New Road; land and building; $121,000; Keith W. Roach to Jonathan and Lauren Roach.


8½ Beacon St.; land and building; $185,933; Discover Properties LLC to Caitlin M. Ortega and Joshua J. Snell.

25 Carter Hill Road; land and building; $492,000; Bryan C. and Elizabeth I. Gray to Derrick Disharoom.

6 Chesterfield Drive; land and building; $230,000; Nada A. and Nuha A. Haddad to Irfan Mistry and Safeena Begum-Mistry.

Concord Hanger Condo Unit 1; condominium; $69,533; Steven C. Christensen Ret and Noreen E. Christensen to Fairview Properties LLC.

120 Fisherville Road Unit 164; condominium; $120,000; Harry Brown and Charles McBrine to Jonathan M. Ramirez.

Horse Hill Road; $135,000; Shirley J. Colby to Tisbury LLC.

21 Jackson St.; land and building; $280,000; Jason and Jennifer Brooks to Woody Meiszner and Amy L. Proctor.

4 Johnson Ave.; land and building; $159,000; Catherine Babson and Mellon Bank of New York to 4 Johnson Avenue LLC.

454 Josiah Bartlett Road; two-family home; $250,000; Janice E. Gray to Abigail and Dustin Gray.

106 Manchester St.; restaurant/bar; $600,000; William Ray Holdings LLC to Taylor Corliss Holdings LLC.

4 N. Spring St.; $319,933; Spring Corner Realty LLC to Elizabeth I. Gray.

Rundlett Street; $730,000; George Reed to New Hampshire Home.

South State Street; $210,000; Alfred J. Rubega to Glass Castle LLC.

81 Snow Pond Road; land and building; $240,000; Beverly J. Roy to Alexander J. Lacourse.


Route 104 Lot 9; $97,000; Rodney P. Whipple to Joshua M. and Tyler S. Whipple.


4 Corey Road; land and building; $390,000; Christopher and Megan Grandmaison to Alexander and Pennie D. Ventura.


1058 Dover Road; multi-family home; $274,000; Bradley W. Giuda to Michael H. Hall.


43 Elkins St.; multi-family home; $180,000; Pedro S. Perez to Jose A. Ramos.

Industrial Park Drive; $8,951,066; Vitex Extrusion LLC to Lincoln Acquisition LLC.

Industrial Park Drive; $8,951,066; Lincoln Acquisition LLC to Arg Niflnnh 1 LLC.

Sanborn Street; $135,000; Kurt Graustein to Paul N. Carter and Susan S. Irving.

72 W. Bow St.; land and building; $140,000; Warren B. Cook to Luc G. Carrier.

No address provided Lot 1; $100,000; Alma T. Andrews Estate and Elizabeth Morrill to Red Door Properties LLC.


5 Cumberland Road Unit 38; condominium; $31,000; Aps Solo 401k T. and David Whalley to Martin E. Barrett.

81 Sanborn Road; land and building; $223,000; Hugh A. Jacobs and FNMA to James Reagan.


831 Hemlock Corner Loop; land and building; $74,000; Michele A. Clement to Jennifer Shaw.


No address provided; $45,000; Geoff D. and Linda Hybertson to Donna and Philip M. Vaughan.


26 Boulder Pass; land and building; $97,200; Nathan M. Boisvert and Pennymac Loan Services to Pennymac Loan Services.

27 Brookside Drive; land and building; $199,933; Priscilla A. and Sarah E. Gladu to Benjamin Lee.

28 Myrtle St.; multi-family home; $67,200; Wilmington National Bank Trust to Bennett Properties LLC.

No address provided; $40,000; Richard St. Galais to Brandon J. Brooks.


Hopkinton Road; $270,000; Robert J. and Kimberly A. Saunders to Cheryl and David M. Morris.

1279 Hopkinton Road; land and building; $160,000; Toni M. Gray Estate and Russ F. Hilliard to Capital Properties LLC.

164 S. Shore Drive; land and building; $200,000; Karen B. Dufault to Michael P. Bean.

23 Stonybrook Lane; land and building; $390,000; A. David Dufault to Natalie and Kyle Vetter.


12 Charles St.; land and building; $179,933; Gordon Sanborn to Kristalee J. Landry.

6 Chester Court; land and building; $148,000; Ryan Robinson to Jonathan B. Watson.

18-20 Cleveland Place; multi-unit apartment; $320,000; Kerchler Holdings LLC to Cleveland Pl LLC.

37 Girard St.; land and building; $187,000; Paul L. Maheux Estate and Gedeon P. Maheux to Timothy S. Nile.

11 Hillsdale Ave.; land and building; $219,000; Diane L. Main to Ashley and Griffin Lahey.

17 Island Drive Unit 9; condominium; $720,000; Margaret A. Bahder to Lorraine J. Eakin.

Outerbridge Drive Lot 13; $16,000; Mark Zani to Norman T. Schimmel.

59 Summer St.; three-family home; $265,000; Ryan W. and Stacie L. Mosher to Peter Varieur.

Union Avenue; $240,000; 64 Franklin St., Rt and John L. Lard to 979 Union Ave., Laconia LLC.


Oak Hill Road; $359,533; Christopher and Kathryn Wardell to 7266 Oak Hill Road LLC.


8 Maple St.; department store; $1,255,000; Shops at Meredith Pl LLC to Meredith Place LLC.

121 N.H. Route 25 Unit 3; condominium; $155,000; Brian J. Boyson to Kevin J. Chamberlain.


234 Carter Mountain Road; land and building; $450,000; Robert B. and Carole A. Curry to Nathan K. and Karen Romanek.


21 Goose Hole Road; land and building; $383,800; David Johnson to Katherine E. Keener.

127 Summit View Road; land and building; $539,000; Joyce C. Ettenborough Lt and Patricia Ettenborough to Jeffrey C. and Patricia C. North.

No address provided Lot 6; $190,000; Harry M. Snow to Burton L. Eisenberg.


33 Newbury Heights Road; land and building; $107,000; William J. Simms to Jonathan B. and Leigh A. Root.

No address provided; $117,533; Ellen Pishenin-Williams and Elliot J. Williams to Nicholas A. and Rachel C. Bibeau.


1019 First N.H. Turnpike; land and building; $270,000; andre J. Boucher to Jason and Chelsea Judge.

99 Lake Shore Drive; land and building; $320,000; Fredrick M. Vega to Xuan Chai and Nicholas Turmel.

135 Olde Canterbury Road; land and building; $40,000; Nome Ventures LLC to Talkeetna Ventures LLC.

27 Upper Camp Road; land and building; $110,596; Dawn Wadleigh to FNMA.


221 Buck St.; land and building; $230,000; Marjorie P. and Thomas D. Booth to Andrea C. and Paul A. Grych.

5 Kimball St.; land and building; $210,000; MDR Rehab and Development LLC to Gloria H. Witham.

119 Pembroke St.; mixed-use complex; $700,000; Pembroke Investments LLC to Aarbor 5 Real Estate LLC.

157 Sheep Davis Road; industrial warehouse; $501,400; Donald C. Young to Young Realty LLC.

131 Tina Drive Unit B; condominium; $197,000; Stepping Stones Realty to Timothy W. Collins.


370 Catamount Road; land and building; $215,000; Dorothy Ann Perkins Estate and Antoinette Marston to Jason A. Moulton.

Water Street; $95,000; Pittsfield Properties LLC to Seth A. Lamontagne.


43 Main St.; retail store; $325,000; Peppercorn Natural Foods to 39 Main St., LLC.

12 Randolph St.; land and building; $150,000; Bridget A. Regan to Pamela J. Pilotte and Brian M. Macneil.


Black Brook Road; land; $22,000; James M. Hawkins to Daniel D. Rosen


Route 114; $275,000; Timothy Lowney to Elizabeth A. Lamanna.

Rowell Hill Road; $650,000; William F. Boynton and Marian B. Woodward to Jan W. and William K. Peirce.

356 Shaker Road; $200,000; Nancy C. and William Whitehead to Kathleen Stockman.


Hill Road; $275,000; Linda J. Isabelle to Maude Street Co. Inc.

949 Laconia Road; commercial building; $335,000; William H. and Pamela F. Seed to ADC Sales LLC.

20 Shady Lane; land and building; $187,000; MTGLQ Investors Lp to Joshua and Lea Lahey.


549 Barnard Hill Road; land and building; $269,933; Doris B. Labbe to Ashton T. Florence and Kristen N. Roy.

1131 River Road; city municipal property; $40,000; Town of Weare to Luke and Chris Nelson.

327 S. Stark Highway; $65,000; Town of Weare to Weare Christian Church.

29 Shady Hill Road; land; $380,000; Pike Construction LLC to Mark Leary.

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