Capital area real estate listings from Feb. 19 to 25

Published: 3/6/2020 10:27:14 AM
Modified: 3/6/2020 10:27:01 AM

146 Hartshorn Road; land and building; $151,507; Freedom Mortgage Corp to Charles A. Simpson.

Narrows Road; $60,000; Craig L. Westlake to David J. and Mary A. Gagnon.

143 S. Barnstead Road; land and building; $250,000; Daniel J. and Karen M. Fredyma to William M. and Gail McCullough.


28 Vineyard Way; land and building; $270,000; David T. and Eileen D. Burnell to Derek M. Barton.


7 Valley of Industry; land and building; $195,000; Thomas E. Hemstock and Carol D. Shaw to Lindsey J. and Stephen M. Foss.


Asa Drive; $486,000; Kelly McGann-Hebert and Marc D. Hebert to Marilyn C. Menning.


856 West Road; land and building; $199,000; Jessica E. Labrie and Christopher L. Pickering to Hilary Hinerth and William Raulinaitis.


45 Manor Estates Drive Unit 17; condominium; $450,000; R. M. and C. A. Sonstrom-Brown Lt and Robert M. Brown to Douglas W. and J. M. Pitman Ret and Douglas W. Pitman.


Borough Road; $145,000; Kathryn M. Cushman and Thomas F. Honan to Matthew Wendell-Wolfe and Paulette Wheeler-wolfe.


195 Canterbury Road; land and building; $314,900; Harry J. Kenneally Estate and Richard H. Kenneally to Lennart D. Suther.


30 Airport Road; land and building; $290,000; Martin and Maryjane Coronis to Bhakta B. Gurung and Bishnu Lamichane-Gurung.

37 Alice Drive Unit 56; condominium; $115,533; Brooke Palmer and Joshua Spinney to Jillian and Kevin Cashman.

10 Bradley St.; land and building; $264,000; Diane M. Kemp to 10 Bradley Street LLC.

64 Elm St.; land and building; $214,000; Mdr Rehab&development LLC to Jaime Briggs and Douglas J. Potter.

27 Emerson Road; land and building; $509,466; Heather B. and John L. Zerbi to Mitchell L. Weinberg.

49 Franklin St.; land and building; $276,000; Angela T. and Douglas M. Finney to Dean Ft and Lori G. Dean.

52 Hall St.; Mxu Com+Res; $270,000; Tyler L. Isabelle and Fbc Mortgage LLC to Jcb LLC.

74 Hall St.; Mxu Com+Res; $145,000; Duprey Acquisitions 2 to Jcb LLC.

40 North Curtisville Road; land and building; $317,533; William Young Properties to Gretchen E. Mullin-sawicki and Michal D. Sawicki.

121 Portsmouth St.; land and building; $315,000; Lorna R. Gagnon Ret 2001 and Lorna Gagnon to Emily Bird and Jonathan Gagnon.

16 Rolfe St.; land and building; $192,533; Jonathan and Sonja Fortier to Gail Killoran.

No address provided Lot 2; $350,000; David and Jennifer Albert to David V. Albert.


5 Bliss Road; land and building; $415,800; Douglas R. and Anne M. Fallon to Carl and Jenna L. Slate.

Perry Road; $60,000; Hannah Gile Beye T. and Gile Beye to Sean and Richard Labrie.

221 Raymond Road; land and building; $346,000; Keith Chasse to Alexandria C. Codd.

No address provided Lot 54-2; $30,000; Hannah Gile Beye T. and Gile Beye to Sean Labrie.


Calebs Way; $108,000; Kevin C. & j. L. Banfield Ret and Joanne L. Banfield to Beverly and Daniel Barry.


142 Mountain Road; land; $349,933; Bmt Construction LLC to William R. Martin.


56 Elkins St.; land and building; $105,000; Stephanie L. Champagne and Shawn P. Laflamme to Cvr 9395 LLC.

9 Hunt Ave.; land and building; $189,933; Mark R. Damour to Matthew K. Belcher and Darrion M. Tregre.

352 New Hampton Road; land and building; $139,933; Brittany J. Austin to Laura E. Jones.

10 Rowell Drive; land and building; $215,000; Hurd Ft and Melissa Thompson to Robert S. Fritsche.


570 Belknap Mountain Road; Farm/Forest; $100,000; Herbert J. Furnee to Lesnewski Ft and Mark Lesnewski.

114 Morrill St.; land and building; $230,000; Swanson Susan L. Est and Tishara Bennett to Arthur G. Desmarais and Magan E. Bowen.

142 Woodland Ave.; land and building; $160,000; Nichols Leslie B. Est and Diane D. Phillips to andrew S. and Danielle M. Robitaille.


95 Burke Road; land and building; $237,000; Thomas M. Seager to Joshua A. Smart.

Route 107; $25,000; Arthur G. Desmaris to Trevor S. Colarusso.


584 Western Ave.; land and building; $166,051; Timothy Kirchner and Freedom Mortgage Corp to Morse J. & m. Trucking LLC.


41 Shop Road; land and building; $228,000; Richard J. Morway to Robert D. Apkarian.


19 Church St.; land and building; $188,933; John Stariknok and Barbara Staribkno to Jennifer A. Weilbrenner.

County Road Lot; land; $84,933; John M. and Carol A. Sadlon to Abigail Shearer-robinson.

379 East Washington Road; land and building; $415,000; Matthew J. and Jill Mcclure to Robert J. and Florence Steven.

66 Preston St. Unit 15; condominium; $92,533; Kathleen A. Blood Ret and Susan F. Hoidner to Charlotte Vachon and Natasha Stromvall.

226 West Main St.; commercial building; $240,000; William R. Cahill Ret and Betty A. Poll to Steven J. Miller.


15 Clough Lane; land and building; $228,400; Judy S. Dibble to 910 Main Street LLC.

Elizabeth Lane; $110,000; Rendell&siff LLC to James E. Young.

594 Kearsarge Ave.; land and building; $399,000; S. & b. Properties LLC to C. M. and Kristen M. Cote-kohlhorst.

910 Main St.; Apt Bldg; $228,400; Judy S. Dibble to 910 Main Street LLC.

No address provided Lot 8; $79,933; Louise Bernier-ouellette and Victor A. Ouellette to Joseph H. and Julia A. Lefebvre.


95 Anthony Drive; land and building; $290,000; Mark and Karmen Gifford to Corey and Nathaniel Hoyt.

Edwards St.; $125,000; Jonathan B. and Deborah Gamans to Denise M. Lee.

53 Garden Circle Unit 53; condominium; $192,200; Bradley K. Pernaw to Rita K. Donaldson 2020 T. and Rita K. Donaldson.

128 Messer St.; Warehouse; $400,000; Ade 94 LLC to M. T. Mccarthy Realty Hldgs.

24 Phoenician Way; land and building; $315,000; andrea M. Berry to Lewis M. and Jennifer L. Smith.

Pine St.; $209,933; S. & b. Properties LLC to Pensco T. Co LLC.

37 Sterling Drive; land and building; $299,933; Sherman Ft and William M. Sherman to Lainey M. Graham.

147 Weirs Blvd. Unit 2; condominium; $356,000; Joseph M. and Michelle A. Stemer to Heather N. Crouse.


299 Bumfagon Road; land and building; $285,000; William R. Martin to Christopher Turcotte.

7 Cooper St.; 2-5 Fam Res; $264,000; Barbara A. and Scott R. Jackson to Anthony Deflorio.

163 Piper Hill Road; land and building; $255,000; Mary J. and Robert W. Kane to Brittany R. Dougherty and andrew M. Eldridge.

7031 Shaker Road; Apt Bldg; $295,000; Shaker Brook LLC to 23 Shaker Brook LLC.

Staniels Road; $59,000; Frances A. Earle to Bobbie E. Aversa.


53 Circle Drive; land and building; $175,000; David L. and Rachel Rugg to Virginia W. Lambert.

21 Meredith Center Road; land and building; $270,000; Michael J. Duran and Anne M. Januario to Gordon S. Loud.

Us Route 3; $405,000; Bayside Realty LLC to 273 Dwh LLC.

3 Waukewan Ave.; land and building; $250,000; Gordon W. Whitcher Ret and Gordon W. Whitcher to Christopher Secord.


Lakeside Road Lot 8; $192,533; Hidden Door Ft and Laura Kiefer to Joseph M. Dechant Ret and Joseph M. Dechant.

81 Lighthouse View Road; land and building; $3,650,000; Craven Ft and Jacqueline Craven to 81 Lighthouse View Rd Rt and William J. Reinstein.

443 Mountain Road; land and building; $385,000; Kristopher R. and Wendy P. Galluzzo to Alex and Jessica Lederman.


Arch St. Ext; $90,000; Wendy Caruso and Randy Obrien to Angela Dipietrantonio.

117 Sandogardy Pond Road; land and building; $214,933; Carl J. Mason to Keith B. Howard.


Olde Canterbury Road; $450,000; 1334 1st Nh Tpke LLC to Chestnut&cape Inc.

154 Olde Canterbury Road; land and building; $199,533; Samuel W. Johnson Jr Ft and Samuel W. Johnson to Jason S. and Heather E. Johnson.


Bridge St.; $217,000; Mdr Rehab&development LLC to Damien C. Wheeler-braley and S. E. Hayes-wheelerbraley.

15 Kimball St.; land and building; $228,000; David P. and Stefanie E. Breton to Sarah D. Hallock.


65 Catamount Road; land and building; $212,000; Butler Enterprises Props to Jakob M. and Meg E. Atwood.

129 Catamount Road; land and building; $84,240; David M. Cameron and Bank Of America Na to Bank Of America Na.

422 Dowboro Road; land and building; $265,000; Darrel and Rachel Elliott to Louanne Deblois and Bryar King.

35 South Main St.; land and building; $205,000; Bryan and Heather Dunagin to David M. Mckay.


8 Blueberry Hill Road Unit 6; condominium; $198,000; Allan G. Currie Ret and Paula Currie to Erik R. and Virginia B. Svard.

31 Chaddarin Lane; land and building; $285,000; James D. Abbe and Heather C. Mckenney to Michael G. Davidson.

12 Hamilton Way; Com Dev Land; $95,000; Meredith Village Sb to Mid-state Community Dev.

Us Route 3; $52,000; Mcmenimen George C. Jr Est and J. Mcmenimen-laverdiere to Nicholas C. and Meghan K. Ringlein.


287 Black Brook Road; land and building; $250,000; Marrycorp LLC to Tyler Oleary-minnich and Daniel R. Minnich.

215 Woodman Road; land and building; $395,000; Henry F. and Carolyn C. Angle to Robert L. Cartl.


262 Main St.; 2-5 Fam Res; $80,000; 262 Main Street Tilton to Very Excellent Immovables.

33 Vista Hts; land and building; $135,000; Carol S. Center and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to All Around Home Improv.


32 Route 127; land and building; $349,000; Prime Realty Partners LLC to Dennis K. Consolver.

No address provided; $45,000; Domingo Rosa to Baron Ft and Bruce R. Baron.


36 Cortland Ave.; land; $532,400; Cortland Avenue Realty to Brian D. and Carolyn E. Daigle.


443 Gerrish Road; land and building; $175,000; Nicole D. Hook to Abby A. Rockefeller.

28 Hollings Drive; land and building; $39,500; Betty G. Picard and Partners For Payment Relf to Partners For Payment Relf.


355 North Wilmot Road; land and building; $212,000; Anthony and Danielle Strout to Nicholas C. Hamel and Emily J. Paulin.

59 Shindagan Road; land and building; $435,000; Allison Jackson and Christopher D. Mercier to Steven C. Monteverdi.

246 Stearns Road; land and building; $330,000; Michael T. and Sarah A. Buckley to James and Renee Tolerico.

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