Capital area real estate listings for April 29 to May 5, 2020

Published: 5/27/2020 10:57:24 AM

10 Cross St.; land and building; $191,900; Us Bank Na Tr to Andralee Strassner.

27 Ferry St.; 2-5 Fam Res; $215,000; Mujo Spahic to James R. McCann.

1 Swiftwater Drive Unit 8; condominium; $138,000; Danette Bush to Diane R. Lewis.

5 Townhouse Road Unit 5; condominium; $45,466; Usa Hud to Alija Causevic.

North /a Lot 9; $18,000; James F. Carter to Michael R. Santos.


218 Currier Road; land and building; $45,000; Donald T. Thompson to Pilot Realty LLC.

105 Flaghole Road; land and building; $395,000; Cynthia J. and Steven P. Waterstrat to Kristen W. Pinto.


North /a Lot 46; $10,000; Brian T. and Charlene N. Allen to Kyle Gassman.


5 Hunter Ct; land and building; $195,000; Karen A. Jameson to Michael Hoffman.

443 Jamestown Road; land and building; $660,000; Jean-Francois Carbonneau and Sylvie Breton to Steven V. and Susan P. Ferri.

Lamprey Road; $160,000; Timothy P. and Pauline M. Doucette to Erica L. and Cody R. Watson.

Pleasant Valley Drive; $106,200; Fredrick H. and Julie E. Partridge to Anthony Scott.

64 Range Road; Mxu Res+Frst; $355,000; Randy G. and Paula M. Asselin to Paul R. and Heather M. Pakenham.

62 Sunset Drive; 2-Fam Res; $1,300,000; Wayne H. Drouin to Dkc Realty LLC.

North /a Lot 238-4; $67,533; Richard R. Gagne to 140 Main Street LLC.


Chandler St.; $253,000; Kristen L. and Marcus John to Nitasha A. Lanigan.


15 Abbey Road; land and building; $332,000; Barbara and Steven R. Cloutier to Caitlin and Thomas Sheveland.

2 Fiddlehead Circle Unit 2; condominium; $375,000; Mark A. Lombardo T. and Mark A. Lombardo to Rock 2015 T. and Robert W. Rock.

594 Highway 3A; $310,000; Simone M. Fournier and Sean Khan to Kathleen T. and Matthew R. Sweeney.

15 Nesbitt Drive; land and building; $840,000; Mark E. Lecompte to Nicholas W. and Wendy M. Myers.

31 Page Road; land and building; $310,000; Barbara E. Macauley Ret and Deborah M. Lear to Briana E. Gulla and Christian H. Lund.

55 White Rock Hill Road; Mxu Frst+Rec; $430,000; Andrew and Christopher Knight to Brittany B. and Joel T. Phillips.


451 North Main St.; land and building; $86,000; Michael Robinson to Shane Hodgdon.

North /a; $70,000; Raine Ft and Mary E. Foster to Michael W. and Pamela K. Adams.


Barnett Hill Road; $310,000; Cynthia J. Stone to Deepwood T. and Kenneth J. Stern.

Wyven Road; $50,000; Timothy P. Meeh 1992 Ret and Gregory W. Meeh to Andrew R. Baro and Jennifer S. Jackson-Baro.


19 Depot Road; land and building; $185,000; Naomi R. Hall to Philip J. Keefe and Olivia Skaltsis.

81 Pleasant St.; commercial building; $1,025,000; J. Brandon and Katrina E. Giuda to Marsden Properties LLC.


Broadway; $280,000; Susan K. Grimes to Robyn A. Black and Craige L. Leppard.

74 Carter Hill Road; land and building; $327,000; Electra B. Gerber Ret and Heather Bernard to Christopher Egan and Kirsten Stokes.

Chapel St.; $114,466; Alan F. Gordon to Michael A. Doyle and Sara L. Weaver.

Clinton St.; $93,400; Christopher and Danielle Lavalley to American Dream Props LLC.

257 Elm St.; land and building; $409,933; Mark St. Gelais and Tammy J. St. Gelais to Sandra A. Downing.

17 Gladstone St.; land and building; $250,000; Tessa A. Dyer and Russell Mancini to Brian G. Brophy.

60 Hoit Road; land and building; $450,000; Strategic Contracting Co to Rodney and Stacey A. Picard.

15 Kyle Road; land and building; $377,733; R. J. Moreau Communities to Swati Bhave and Swapnil Bondre.

17 Kyle Road; land and building; $363,200; R. J. Moreau Communities to Pradip Karki.

227 Loudon Road Unit 23; condominium; $145,000; Dodge and Hanisco Ret and Scott Dodge to Cuong D. Ngo.

371 Loudon Road; Mxu Com+Res; $280,000; 95 Loudon Road LLC to Dominik J. Pruss.

70 North State St.; land and building; $114,466; Joan Heartz T. and Pamela V. Kelson to Michael A. Doyle and Sara L. Weaver.

7 Partridge Road; land and building; $285,000; Joshua and Nicole Stone to Cayman J. Belyea and Lindsay N. Droney.

44 Rockingham St.; land and building; $256,000; Christian H. Lund to Aimee and Anthony Goldstein.

120 Snow Pond Road; land and building; $355,000; Charissa and Gabriel G. Rogers to Heidi V. and Kevin M. McManemon.

South St.; $244,400; Midfirst Bank to Mountain Lake Fuel and Heating.

39 Thorndike St.; 4-8 Unit Apt; $349,133; Matthew Lefebvre to Lynn and Nicholas Pearson.

12 Ty Lane; land and building; $276,000; Nicholas J. Lacasse and Ashley J. Godbout to Kevin H. and Valerie L. Grady.

129 Warren St.; land and building; $190,000; Emily D. and Timothy J. St. Pierre to Barrie and Keith Daigneault.

75 Woodbine Ave.; land and building; $265,000; Constance M. and Justin T. Pittman to Judith A. and Thomas V. Clark.


156 Raymond Road; land and building; $370,000; Leslie Pacual to Daniel and Sarah Ford.

Woodcrest Drive; $108,933; Janice E. and John C. Defranzo to Katie E. Lima.


92 Glen Road; land and building; $229,866; Alyssa Pascoe to Tyler S. Robinson.


65 Range Road; land and building; $230,000; Lawrence A. and Rhenda A. Deangelis to John P. Nesheim.

155 Suncook Valley Hwy; land and building; $111,400; Sandra Briggs-Kelley to Mdr&rehab&dev LLC.


146 Thunder Road; land and building; $136,533; Claude and Evelyn M. Bourassa to Linda J. Michaud.

21 View St.; land and building; $42,533; Mary Dufault to Jim Lintner.


16 Jay Drive; land and building; $319,733; Brandy R. Goodloe to Dana M. and Michael S. Gunnerson.

2696 Lake Shore Road Unit 100; condominium; $425,000; William E. and Kerry S. Fanning to Cormac E. and Marie N. Oneill.

115 Weirs Road Unit 208; condominium; $210,000; Shawn S. Kennedy Ret and Shawn E. Kennedy to Misty Harbor LLC.


9 Edgerly Road; land and building; $245,000; Lorne M. and Gina Smotrilla to Sally L. Short and John T. Reifsnyder.

98 Meadow Pond Road; land and building; $190,000; Robert A. Williams to Marilyn C. Nelson.


4 Bear Hill Road; commercial building; $1,450,000; Brown and koelewijn Props to 4 Bear Hill Rd LLC.

113 Bog Road; land and building; $215,000; Odessa J. Becker to Tyler A. Smith.

Cooledge Road; $310,000; Linda L. Patnode Ret and Linda L. Patnode to Thomas W. Reed and Terri L. Weekley.

Jefferson Drive; $229,933; Bennett Properties LLC to Linda Patnode Ret and Linda Patnode.


245 Bound Tree Road; land and building; $272,000; Deborah L. Furst to Dawn M. and Keith R. Lewis.


120 Channel Lane Unit 51; Dock Condo; $77,000; Robert A. and Linda P. Moisan to Weirs Boat Slip LLC.

9 Crestview Lane Unit B; condominium; $499,000; Robert E. Walczak Jr Lt and Robert E. Walczak to Todd and Kristina Caruso.

130 Endicott St. North Unit 204; condominium; $135,933; Mark P. Roche to Landry Irt and Suzanne M. Folsom.

21 Fells Way Unit B; condominium; $100,000; Vanuden Barbara Est and Kristi Vanuden to Scott A. Everett Lt and Scott A. Everett.

69 Grant St.; land and building; $230,000; Frank Rudolph to Samantha D. Fifield.

66 Landing Lane Unit 111; condominium; $125,000; Matthew Hlafman to Keith R. Ball.

277 Weirs Blvd. Unit 11; condominium; $402,000; Steven C. Vaccaro to Jennifer L. Fairbanks and Daniel D. Jodoin.

1144 Weirs Blvd. Unit 8; condominium; $215,000; Lakehouse Cottages LLC to Andrew and Gina Anastos.

North /a Lot 7; $1,000,000; John D. and Jacqueline Remington to Garrett and Jessica Christopher.

North /a; $715,000; John R. and Keith Petrie to Steven and Lisa Vaccaro.


7526 Currier Road; land and building; $335,000; Julie A. Cascio and Julie Haubrich to Adam J. and Casey E. Southwell.

498 Lovejoy Road; land and building; $284,000; Meagan Belanger to Cory Rand.

17 Madison Way; $455,933; Riveredge Properties LLC to Judd and Kim Price.


Cattle Landing Road; $184,533; Jennifer A. Melson 1993 T. and Jennifer A. Melson to Patricia M. Dolan 2019 T. and Patricia M. Dolan.

12 Cattle Landing Road; land and building; $1,225,000; 12 Cattle Landing Rt and Robert F. Morrissey to Paloma Payne.

145 Hatch Corner Road; land and building; $80,000; Lisa A. Sheehan to Mark R. Rodgers.

15 Hawk Ridge Road Unit 15; condominium; $408,400; Skeeter T. and Heidi Platt-Gruskowski to Joshua J. and Jennifer L. Quinlan.

40 Pease Road; land and building; $562,533; O. Simeon and Leigh S. Willey to Lauren P. and Timothy Dorr.

Water St.; $325,000; Thomas M. Kuzina Sr 2008 T. and Thomas M. Kuzina to Lty Real Estate Dev Corp.


10 Patriot Lane; land and building; $266,200; Jason M. Harvey and Jennifer Schwoebel to Gordon D. Sanborn.


42 Highland Rdg Unit 42; condominium; $385,000; Joseph M. Tomaino Ret and Joseph M. Tomaino to Barber Ft and Barbara L. Barber.

84 Hilltop Place Unit 84; condominium; $194,000; Anne M. McNamara to Eugene W. Ward Ret and Eugene W. Ward.

117 Hilltop Place Unit 117; condominium; $265,000; Edgar R. and Jacqueline Leclair to Martha F. Smith T. and Paul R. Martel.

119 Main St. Unit 2; condominium; $210,000; Susan A. Kent to Dean Routson.


16 Wethersfield Drive; land and building; $315,000; David and Erin James to Russell J. and Tessa A. Mancini.


Bennett Road; $72,500; Usa Hud to Mark and Wanda Molligi.


214 Beacon Hill Road; land and building; $300,000; Doris A. and John A. MacNeill to Robert E. and Sharon L. Bowden.

100 Main St. Unit 202; condominium; $114,333; Joanne S. Lewis to Matthew Halfmann.


91 Tilton Hill Road; land and building; $47,500; Nrz Reo 52 Corp to James Woodman.


70 Eagles Nest Road Unit 70; condominium; $197,533; William R. and Claire R. Riquier to Karen L. and Steven M. Cunningham.

Fairgrounds Road; $800,000; John C. and Carol S. Perkins to Nathan B. Everts and Regina M. Rinaldo.

28 Merrill St.; land and building; $244,000; Panther Properties LLC to Taylor J. Farrow.

North /a Lot 8; $30,000; Guy Mathieu and Ilona Grzegorzek to Monika Cone and Lynda Smethurst.


165 Prescott Road; land and building; $250,000; Robert W. Lumpkins to Isaias and Natasha Vieira.

716 Sanborn Road; land and building; $450,000; D. & S. St. Gelais 2014 Ret and Donald J. Stgelais to Marie O. Omeler-Emile and Alain Emile.

North /a; $275,000; Michael D. and Beverly A. Rafferty to David A. and Virginia Smart.


70 Main St.; land and building; $275,000; Beth and Greg Danilowski to Joshua K. and Rachel L. Ortiz.

300 Roby Road; land and building; $151,000; Erik A. Pierson and NHFA to 3 Wishes LLC.

40 Village Road; land and building; $320,000; Nathaniel Byfield to Joshua M. and Melody E. Grover.

North /a; $90,000; Margaret A. Ford and Donald C. Davis to Mistie A. Boule and Joshua J. Gagne.


18 Contigiani Drive Unit 18; condominium; $330,000; John D. & F. L. Bacon Ret and John D. Bacon to Craig E. and Christine M. McMillian.

4 Deer St. Unit 5; condominium; $110,000; Steven M. Guertin to Marla L. Pike and Hunter Briggeman.

788 Laconia Road Unit 7; condominium; $66,466; Laconia Road Waterfront to Nome Ventures LLC.

5 Patricia Ann Drive; land and building; $283,000; Laurie L. Dionne to Tobin and Ashley Vanbuskirk.


133 East Shore Drive; land and building; $194,933; Mary E. McAteer-Margolis and Michael D. Margolis to Adam McGrath.

464 South Stark Hwy; commercial building; $600,000; Denis Lessard to Segal Family Acquisitions.

464 South Stark Hwy; commercial building; $600,000; Denis Lessard to Segal Family Acquisitions.

North /a; $65,000; Sylvia S. Alexander T. and Charles Alexander to Tkg Properties Inc.


150 Battle St.; land and building; $225,000; W. D. Shoemaker Jr. Ret and Michelle M. Shoemaker to David L. Hamilton and Samantha A. Marshall.


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