Capital area real estate listings for May 29 through June 9

Published: 7/9/2020 9:30:04 AM

20 Circle Drive; land and building; $156,000; Pennymac Loan Services to Alexis and Christopher Overstreet.

64 Colbath Road; $254,933; Clear Creek Builders LLC to Steven Gianunzio.

103 Windsor Way; land and building; $130,000; Adam J. and Jamie L. Bowes to Noel and Bonnie Bowes.


Arnold Road; $26,000; Jonathan Larkin and Lauren Branchini to Gate City Dev Partmers.

17 Duso Road; mixed-use; $252,575; Pennymac Loan Services to Jon I. and Debra A. Stolarski.

165 Hoadley Road; land and building; $266,000; John Mandrioli and Ann M. Kelly to Carl L. and Mark A. Austin.

Route 106; $424,933; D. Grayson Enterprises LLC to Daniel and Jodi Kirker.

No address provided; $32,000; Bbe Realty LLC to Joseph Melanson and Caitlyn Bean.


47 Chadwick Hill Road; land and building; $195,000; Rosemary Fournier Ft and John S. Fournier to Chadwick Hill LLC.

Water St.; $45,533; Kelly M. Landry Ret and Kelly M. Landry to Water St Villages LLC.


98 Allen Road; land and building; $450,000; Nidal M. and Vicktoria Murashah to Erin J. and Matthew V. Zaffini.

11 Astor Lane; land and building; $685,000; Gregory and Kelly Gardner to Ashley and Owen Kossick.

9 Kelso Drive; land and building; $472,000; Nancy Lauricella to Cody Carlson and Brittany Silva.

1189 Route 3a; land and building; $352,533; Rac Properties LLC to Midnight Enterprises LLC.

No address provided; $200,000; William H. Manning and Jane Whelan to Brett A. and Jessica S. Dunn.

No address provided; $110,000; Hamilton Court LLC to Helen B. Roberts-beaver and John E. Beaver.


Main St.; $23,333; Allen Ret and Jason Allen to Wall Ret and Gary R. Wall.

No address provided; $25,533; Eco 2018 T. and Chrysanthe B. Otto to Caleb H. and Courtney Connor.


Adams Road Unit 10; Deeded Slip; $74,933; James T. and Janice F. Conley to Joel and Monique Dyson.

101 Chestnut St.; land and building; $86,500; Deutsche Bank Natl T. Co to Deborah and Robert Carlin.


37 Alice Drive Unit 137; condominium; $114,533; Melissa and Tony Crawford to Gregory R. Adams.

13 Amoskeag Road Unit 13; condominium; $174,000; Carol P. and E. Thomas Ohara to Gregory A. and Krista K. Bradford.

12 East Side Drive Unit 314; condominium; $84,933; F8 Tri Partners Realty to Tyler Angelone.

12 East Side Drive Unit 3-5; condominium; $860,000; Plato Properties Inc to 812 Financial Services.

16 Gates St.; land and building; $242,800; Lisa and Shane Doucette to Michael T. Frappier.

50 Hannah Dustin Drive; land and building; $165,000; Landry Mary Irene Est and Robert L. Landry to James R. Martin.

40-42 Hoit Road; $229,000; Robin and William E. Mongeon to Patrick C. Hall.

109 Merrimack St.; land and building; $117,533; Judith Levy to MDR Rehab & Development LLC.

5 Mountain Road; land and building; $183,666; Dale Murphy to Kristen M. and Peter D. Richards.

207 Oak Hill Road; land and building; $1,125,000; Kendra S. and Patrick Odonnell to Brian and Jennifer Perry.

30 Richmond Drive Unit 30; condominium; $320,333; Oxbow Rt and Michael D. Tancreti to Cheryl A. and Douglas M. Joubert.

157 River Road; land and building; $20,000; Jill A. Johns to Lori Perretti-Johns.

15-19 Wall St.; multi-family home; $344,000; 30 South Main St LLC to Melvyn C. Velez.


24 Dorthys Way; $410,000; Alxandra Silver to Fleury Ft and Daryl R. Fleury.


Deering Center Road; $250,000; Cheri L. Hayes to Elizabeth A. Kirby.


134 Prospect St.; apartment building; $269,933; Eneroliza J. Valerio to Maria M. Rojas.

506 Prospect St.; land and building; $574,933; Helen B. Roberts-Beaver and John E. Beaver to Benjamin L. Fraser and Elizabeth C. Patry.

185 Summit St.; land and building; $215,000; Richel Laughy to Spencer L. Burbank and Caitlyn E. Greene.


237 Morrill St.; land and building; $410,000; Holly B. Lewis to Wesley H. and Jillian C. Taggett.

11 Olde English Lane; land and building; $537,533; Gino and Sharon Crecco to Jon M. Woolverton.

Route 11b Lot B6; $225,000; Mountainview Rt and John J. Colantuoni to Pierre G. Forcier Ret and Pierre G. Forcier.

Stark St.; $75,000; Julie P. and Roger D. Baron to Brian M. Muray and Angel S. Murray.

No address provided; $180,000; Yasmin Realty Assoc LLC to Christos J. Vasiliou.

No address provided; $360,000; David and Holly Fontenot to Michael L. and Michelle Penta.


743 Stage Road; $305,000; Bethal Builders LLC to Alan Goodwin and Heather A. Timins.


30 Longview Drive; $356,000; Mg Holdings LLC to Coda and Ryan Campbell.

No address provided; $350,000; J. & m. Morse Trucking LLC to Mac Milford LLC.


Center Road; $535,000; Judith I. Hatfield Ret and Judith I. Hatfield to S. G. & p. M. Parenteau Ret and Stephen G. Parenteau.

Jones Road; $285,000; Allison M. Reopel and Angela C. Fornera to Michael J. and Deborah L. Hunyadi.

Juniper Drive; $252,533; George Realty LLC to Stephanie A. Stahl and Jonathan A. Mermer.

18 Melody Lane; land and building; $207,000; Sandra A. Moulton to Alex Kendall.

NH Route 9; $182,000; Linda Marchant to David M. Proulx.

Preston St. Lot 43; $108,000; Melissa B. Wood to Nancy C. Donnelly.

No address provided; $52,000; Grace Boys Ft and William J. Grace to James Stocker and John P. Corbett.


1385 Hopkinton Road; land and building; $295,933; Todd Baldwin 1995 T. and Todd Baldwin to Ashley M. Davis and Brandon A. Swenson.

1549 Hopkinton Road; land and building; $270,000; Stephen C. Yianakopolos T. and Stephen Yianakopolos to Jillian A. Pilotte.

590 Sugar Hill Road; commercial building; $240,000; Firepoint Properties LLC to Amplified Properties LLC.


22 Edwards St.; land and building; $100,000; Bank New York Mellon Tr to Karner Blue Homes LLC.

554 Endicott St. North Lot 19; mobile home; $28,000; K. A. Dobens& t. Stockton Ret and Kelly Dobens to Tracy and Marshall Wetmore.

78 Fox Crossing Lane; land and building; $756,000; Joseph A. and Carole A. Purpura to Dennis C. and Jamia S. Liu.

457 Leighton Ave. North; Mxu Res+Frst; $376,000; Christopher D. and Shannon M. Boyd to Debra L. and Roy C. Badstuebner.

12 Mistwood Lane Unit 12; condominium; $269,933; Stephanie Vangjel to David T. Ehmann.

221 Weirs Blvd. Unit 1; condominium; $290,000; Jeffrey F. Sawyer to Thomas W. Wentworth.

845 Weirs Blvd. Unit 5; condominium; $112,000; John L. and Judith V. Zimmerman to Felix Rosa and Erica L. Lambert.

No address provided; $183,000; Joel T. Phillips and Brittany B. Phillps to Cadillac Holdings LLC.

No address provided; $48,000; Crt Real Properties LLC to Dunn Ft and Clayton L. Dunn.


175 Bumfagon Road; land and building; $300,000; James Mcloud to Jared W. Davis.

Clough Pond Road; $50,000; Kathleen A. Ritchie to Andrew and Christopher Knight.

Oak Hill Road; $52,000; Austin F. Shannon to Daniel F. Aversa.


9 Bonney Shores Road; land and building; $425,000; Robert W. and Diane E. Carr to Jamieson Ft and W. Scott Jamieson.

15 Clark Drive; city properties; $450,000; Douglas H. Kirkwood to Wakepeke LLC.

Grouse Hollow Condo Unit 13; condominium; $862,533; Robert A. Coerver Jr Ret and Robert A. Coerver to Kenneth and Louise Lambe.

6 Grouse Hollow Road Unit 6; condominium; $460,000; William J. Malett and Patricia Mallett to Douglas J. and Heather S. Tibbs.

19 Hawk Ridge Road Unit 19; condominium; $425,000; Chester O. Paradise Ret and Chester O. Paradise to Cheryl A. Beck T. and Cheryl A. Beck.

Lang St.; $282,000; Ronald E. & b. L. Carbary Lt and Ronald E. Carbary to Amber A. and Tyler Howie.

Ricky Point Village Condo Unit 2; condominium; $627,533; Kenneth and Louise Lambe to William and Heather Spolidoro.

4 Sirles Road; land and building; $185,000; Sandra L. Buskey to Dean Briggs and Meredith Page.

No address provided; $110,000; Peter A. Dolan to Ernest D. Sackett Jr Ret and Ernest D. Sackett.

No address provided; $125,000; Frank A. Noto to Contemporary&adirondack.

No address provided; $60,000; Townsend D. Thorndike T. and K. Hoyt-thorndike to Paul D. and Judith M. Moineau.


118 Main St.; land; $49,933; Jeremy J. Hiltz Ret and Jeremy J. Hiltz to Working Stiff Properties.

No address provided; $460,000; Marcia A. Litchfield to Michael S. and Linda C. Oakes.

No address provided; $135,000; Frances A. Miranda to Ralph and Karin Gravallese.


Main St.; $975,000; Bicknor Wilmont Inc to James Chowanski.

Seamans Road; $87,000; Mary Louise Borah T. and Mary L. Borah to S. & P. Ft 2017 and Josh M. Macmichael.


11 Steves Road; land and building; $289,933; Laurie L. Furbush and Wayne Seaholm to Leah and Nicholas Robart.


222 Cross Mill Road; land and building; $240,000; Iyvan Chong to Victoria Corriveau.

5 Memorial St.; land and building; $195,000; Andrew and Melissa Paquette to Ashley N. Ortiz.

555 Shaker Road; land and building; $230,000; Kathleen H. Graham to Edward V. and Keri-ann Klim.


201 Thompson Road; land and building; $142,000; Allan Faucher to Anthony M. Renaud.

Will Smith Road; $48,000; Richard L. Labore to Pelletier David Const Co.


471 Roxbury Road; land and building; $340,000; Cynthia H. Bronson to Jason E. Sheetz and Heather S. Kent.

Steele Hill Road; $10,000; Joseph M. Flaherty to Edward J. and Kathleen E. Stenovitch.


64 Andrews Road; land and building; $185,000; Usa Hud to Alex M. Dyment.

14 Hill Road; $475,000; Edward and Susan Ranger to Jcb LLC.

490 Laconia Road; commercial building; $230,000; Tilton Manor LLC to 490 Laconia Road LLC.


42 Pleasant Lane; mobile home; $69,000; Bank Of New Hampshire to Frank Hebert.

No address provided; $155,000; Julie Mallon to Steven M. Houghtaling.


48 Woodland Drive; land and building; $194,889; Pingora Loan Servicing to Mason Rd LLC.

No address provided; $356,000; Kevin A. and Eliabeth L. Gelinas to Robbin A. and Lindsay J. Hood.


Gerrish Road; $25,000; Judith A. and Ronald R. Johnson to Abby A. Rockefeller.


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