Capital area real estate listings June 10-23

Homes sales entered
into county records between
June 10-23.


Lockwood Road; $67,533; Fnma to Theodore Dawson.

Poplar St.; $14,666; Corbett B. Leith and Molly Petersen-Leith to Alexis and Peter Southworth.

242 Route 4A; land and building; $75,000; Natasha Popova-Skow and Alexander Skow to Benjamin D. Hill.

12 Shirley Road; land and building; $297,866; Corbett B. Leith and Molly Petersen-Leith to Alexis and Peter Southworth.

Ward Lane; $387,533; Alexis H. and Peter H. Southworth to Corbett B. and Molly P. Leith.


Beauty Hill Road; $90,000; Eileen Grabauskas to Emori and Alfred Smith.

Old Route 28; $240,000; Gary and Debra M. Foss to Steven W. and Joanne M. True.

81 Ridge Road; land and building; $144,000; Roger and Linda Dunne to Kaylyn Forest.

154 South Shore Drive; land and building; $359,000; Joan N. Bahr Ft and Joan N. Bahr to Ronald and Amelia Rockelein.

176 Varney Road; land and building; $330,000; Christopher and Heidi A. Conard to Anna Khromey and Kirill Peven.

34 Winchester Drive; land and building; $218,000; Emily J. and Roland M. Landry to Ashley Preuss and Hayden Virginia.

North /a Lot 31; $150,000; Leon Hillsgrove to Shawn Hillsgrove.


28 Country Side Circle Unit 28; condominium; $118,933; Kathleen A. Gainor to John F. and Ashleigh Rolfson.

6 David Drive; land and building; $240,000; Kyle J. Shute to Sharmaine C. Sanders and Matthew Lienhart.

Farrarville Road; $45,000; Family Advantage Holdings to Raymond and Gretchen Colpritt.

Grey Rock Road Lot 79; $50,000; Donald W. Wooldridge to Kimberley Jackson.

20 Johnson St.; land and building; $265,000; Kari Parent to Rachel and Michael Dahmke.

North /a Lot 10; $45,000; Family Advantage Holdings to Raymond and Gretchen Colpritt.


NH Route 4; $100,000; Page Pond T. and Gail L. Harrigan to Gary S. and Kimberly Martin.


36 Astor Lane; Res Dev Land; $82,533; Karjen LLC to Jeffrey Knight.

15 Hampshire Hills Drive; land and building; $520,000; Cynthia H. Blythe 2001 Ret and Cynthia H. Blythe to Stephanie L. and Stephen R. Blethen.

29 Logging Hill Road; land and building; $249,000; Benjamin M. Stevens to Matthew Brown.

4 Morgan Drive; land and building; $385,000; Laura M. Jobin and Michael Sargent to Benjamin C. and Victoria M. Mead.

150 Page Road; 2-Fam Res; $353,133; Hayley and Luke Kinchant to Eric R. and Theresa D. Lee.

14 Tonga Drive; land and building; $400,000; Gregory and Jodi L. Bergen to Kelly D. McCarthy.


14 Steele Road; land and building; $365,000; 14 Steele Road Rt and Linda Carey to Allen Ret and Jason D. Allen.


30 Batten Road; land and building; $312,533; Anne Arnold to Michael E. and Sarah B. Garagliano.

795 Hall Road; land and building; $250,000; Robert C. and Lisa A. Cuzziere to Patrick E. Gullo.

Riverdale Road Lot 37; $217,533; Constance A. Cardasis to George & D. Sargent Ft and George E. Schnyer.

151 West Shore Road Unit 6; condominium; $123,933; Keith Getchell to Jason W. Evans.


250 Baptist Road; land and building; $355,000; Lydia R. Stacy and Daryl Zerveskes to James J. Godbout and Jillian M. Kalosky.

North /a Lot 2; $35,000; Deidre Collins to Lisa Smith-Brunelle and James Christopher.


20 Auburn St.; land and building; $479,000; Michael R. and Mildred H. Lafontaine to Vanostern 2020 T. and Kristyn Vanostern.

24 Auburn St.; land and building; $525,000; Carolyn and Thomas A. Gosse to Douglas P. and Kimberly A. Benoit.

61 Centre St.; 2-Fam Res; $312,000; Beverly A. Dupont Ret 2007 and Beverly A. Dupont to Paul Mascia and Chelsea Sampadian.

19 Church St.; land and building; $305,000; Renee R. Martin to Natalie J. Balletta and Lindsay E. Harrington.

120 Fisherville Road Unit 180; condominium; $139,933; Helen A. Skaleris Ft and Helen A. Skaleris to Megan L. Dessanti and Bradley L. Johnson.

120 Fisherville Road; $139,933; Issac Maxwell-Dubois to Hilary Finedore.

9 Harrison St.; land and building; $240,000; Lauren P. and Thomas J. Chesnard to Katherine Cross-Powers and Mark McCarthy.

9 Hot Hole Pond Road; land and building; $215,000; George E. Murray to Kimberly R. and Michael F. Kistner.

128 Loudon Road Unit 29f; condominium; $50,000; Hgh Ltd to Retriever Management LLC.

Mountain Road; $370,000; Peter Bragdon to Cheryl L. and Daniel J. Murphy.

61 North Spring St.; land and building; $265,000; Kassandra S. and Will F. Ardinger to Sherill Ciampa.

105 Reserve Place; land and building; $480,400; Sweet Ft and Scott A. Sweet to Eric and Sara Lind.

5 Ty Lane; land and building; $298,000; Renee M. Westfield to Alex M. and Katie M. Palmer.

North /a Lot 3; $225,000; Turgeon Debra A. Est and Harold E. Turgeon to Rose Bud Capital LLC.

North /a; $239,933; Audrey Clairmont and Drew Stock to Chad W. Davis and Julie A. Obrien.


Pond Hill Road; $150,000; Alison H. and James D. Buckwell to Judith Lebaron-Brewer and Thomas Brewer.

Route 4; $20,000; Claudia A. Wakulinski to Erich Crossley and James Hollins.


8 Major John Simpsom Unit 9; condominium; $100,000; Tierra Investments LLC to Beverly Dunn and Robert Tonello.

120 Mount Delight Road; 2-5 Fam Res; $331,933; David E. and Britanny Musso to Nancy Genna and Therese Morse.

204 Mount Delight Road; 2-5 Fam Res; $447,000; Tyler Devoe and Michaela Doolan to 204 Mt Delight LLC.

10 Old Center Road; land and building; $349,933; Kevin and Megan Shepard to David and Brittany Musso.


Reservoir Road; $680,333; Betsey Neville Ret and Betsey Neville to Peter Hecht and Kristina N. Jones.


8 White Tail Ct; $535,000; Bwab LLC to Tyler Devoe and Michaela Doolan.


Old Turnpike Road; $50,000; Donald R. Yeaton to Daniel A. and Douglas E. Yeaton.

133 Old Turnpike Road; land and building; $271,000; Mackenzie and Tyrus James to Ashley M. and Tyler R. Johnson.


69 Lake Ave.; land and building; $234,000; Eric R. and Sara Lind to Rebecca and Thomas Pearce.

288 Prospect St.; land and building; $225,000; D. L. Ryan 2013 Ret and Donna L. Ryan to Eric C. Hanover and Lauren M. Hennessy.

21 West High St.; land and building; $75,000; Austin S. & A. Properties LLC to Triple 3 Investments LLC.


70 Airport Road Unit 4; condominium; $170,000; Bond Fletcher to Owls Perch LLC.

40 Deer Run Lane; land and building; $270,000; Patricia Bohling to Jeffrey S. and Lori A. Fleming.

36 Dockham Shore Road; Resid-Other; $297,000; Thomas E. and Ilona A. Dunfee to Nicholas R. and Megann Schiffer.

17 Farmer Drive; land and building; $215,000; James E. McArdle to Lisa M. Anthony.

9 Hide A Way Circle; land and building; $301,000; Brian and Mary Harnett to John and Cathy Court.

2696 Lake Shore Road Unit 70; condominium; $585,000; Michael C. McDonald Ft and Michael C. McDonald to Robert M. and Linda A. Deluca.

2696 Lake Shore Road Unit 12; condominium; $595,000; G4 Maine T. and Michael J. Galeucia to Pamela J. and Peter E. MacDonald.

6 McGuinness Ct; land and building; $378,533; David P. and Tammy L. Emond to Brendan M. and Heidi L. Folan.

Route 11a; $107,000; Elizabeth L. Manning to Thomas H. and Mary E. Day.

Timber Lane; $350,000; Florence M. Cummings Ret and Florence M. Cummings to Michele Desmarais 2008 T. and Michele Desmarais.

North /a; $90,000; Dimmick Dewaters LLC to Russell and Kami Dimmick.

North /a Lot 11; $1,430,000; Leo P. & M. T. McGrath Ret and Leo P. McGrath to Angsana LLC.


Camp Leo Road; $20,000; Jay L. Lazar to Henry Shute.

80 Leatherstocking Lane; land and building; $185,000; Patricia B. Booth to David Campbell.

66 Loon Pond Road; land and building; $229,000; Tamara J. and Richard D. Duane to Timothy Tenney.

33 Mallard Ave.; land and building; $135,000; David M. Briand and Cheryl A. Murray to Matthew McMahon.

394 NH Route 140; land and building; $250,000; Brian J. Littizzio to Keith Stickney-Ewell and Misty L. Ewell.

North /a Lot 300x; $19,533; Robert G. and Michael S. Odonnell to Suzette A. Sims.

North /a; $240,000; Susan J. Mackenzie T. and Susan J. Mackenzie to Gilmanton Properties LLC.


Bradford Road; $100,000; 288 Bradford Road LLC to Joshua B. Mccourt.


Jones Road; $55,000; Erik K. Hagstrom Ret and Erik K. Hagstrom to Heather N. Johnstone.

Route 13; $190,000; Kenneth E. Sandhage Ret and Kenneth E. Sandhage to Sarah K. Sandhage Ret and Sarah K. Sandhage.

North /a Lot 12-3-4; $251,000; Margaret D. Abbott Ret and Margaret Abbott to Ryan J. Moffett and Colleen Earley.

North /a Lot 3a; $19,000; Mabuhay Holdings LLC to Katelyn M. Dombrowski.


682 Jewett Road; land and building; $372,000; Ramsdell Ft 2004 and Mary E. Ramsdell to Kathryn J. Stoyle.

Old Holmes Road; $90,000; Kristen Annen and Silke Schade to Christen and Richard Lavers.

188 Pinewood Drive; land and building; $205,000; Cate Patricia L. Est and Jeffrey Cate to Nicholas B. Labbe.

205 Spring St.; land and building; $350,000; David R. and Kathryn G. Keith to Benjamin P. Glover.


45 Birdie Way Unit B; condominium; $300,000; Roger and Dianne Larose to Kurt T. Flynn.

Drummer Trl; $120,000; Ronald A. Vezina Ret and Ronald A. Vezina to K. & j. Rt and Robert Brunelle.

11 Leisure Time Lane; mobile home; $48,000; John and Deborah Difazio to John and Gail M. Baker.

Morrill St.; $215,000; Michael A. and Brittanie A. Gilmore to July M. Albright and Robert E. Carney.

Perkins Drive; $150,133; Niall G. and Margaret E. Trimby to Aka Property Buyers LLC.

82 Sarasota Lane; land and building; $250,000; Donald Emmert to Leo F. & a. T. Lemoine T. and Annette T. Lemoine.

616 Scenic Road Unit 106; condominium; $595,000; Akwa Village LLC to Peter R. and Bronwen H. Faubert.

21 Shore Drive; land and building; $342,533; Jeanne Murphy to Kaitlin M. O’Neil.

472 Shore Drive; land and building; $1,330,000; Ryan P. and Christina O. Day to Ann Ouellette Wehr Ret and Ann Ouellette-Wehr.

107 Treetop Circle Unit 26; condominium; $116,000; Richard J. and Maureen J. Manzi to Philip Bracey.

North /a; $222,533; Julie Taylor and Urbain Giossi to Brianna M. Nolan and Aliza M. Drouin.

North /a Lot 5; $124,333; Jeffrey T. and Marla G. Cote to David and Elisa Scher.


Mudgett Hill Road; $100,000; Kevin and Pamila J. Bartlett to Frank L. Merrill.


5 Mudgett Ave.; land and building; $485,000; Gary M. Newton to Shallan R. Keenan.

North /a Lot 2; $80,000; Barry R. and Deborah A. Vanzandt to Melissa and James Pascarelli.

North /a Lot 2; $550,000; Arlene M. Keach to Lty Real Estate Dev LLC.


341 County Road; land and building; $191,000; Nrz Reo 5-2 Corp to Luke S. and Naomi B. Parige.

11 Hilltop Place Unit 11; condominium; $160,000; Bloomfield Ft and Joanna C. Bloomfield to Maryellen Ripley Lt and Charles F. Ripley.


31 Ramblewood Place; land and building; $228,533; Darcy and Nicole C. Lafrance to Megan L. McGinnis.

North /a; $720,000; Cheryl A. and Christopher Lund to Joyce Ft 2010 and Martha M. Joyce.


Bean Hill Road; $90,000; James W. Dodge Woodland T. and John T. Dodge to Matthew R. and Nicole J. Tilton.

82 Knowles Pond Road; land; $349,933; S. & b. Properties LLC to Dana R. Johnson and Kari S. Parent.

170 Reservoir Road; land and building; $230,000; Daniel S. and Monique Jenifer to Dale Keirstead.

9 Tallwood Drive; land and building; $320,000; Kimberly and Michael Brian to Mackenzie A. and Tyrus C. James.

North /a Lot 5; $75,000; Bruce Robert to Kimberly S. Cullen Ret and Kimberly S. Cullen.


Old Barnstead Road; $60,000; Thomas E. Johnson and Abby M. Metacalf to Susan D. Lincoln 2002 Ret and Susan D. Lincoln.

Route 4; $337,533; Jonathan R. Broek Ret and Jonathan R. Broek to Rj Rt and Robert L. McClary.


4 Savage Ct Unit 4; condominium; $185,000; John R. Giordano to Ashley Peirsol and Despina A. Yogas.


Foss Ave.; $30,000; Donald Rose to Kerry T. and Kyle H. Asquith.


Tenney Mountain Condo Unit En38; condominium; $165,000; V. L. Battles Leavitt Irt and V. L. Battles-Leavitt to Peter H. and Judith S. Jenney.


137 Bay Road; land and building; $224,933; Stacey Richardson-Fordham to Candice M. Frost.

Lakeside Cottages Condo Unit 2; condominium; $249,000; Judith A. Krikorian Ft and Judith A. Krikorian to Rebecca M. Webber Ft and Rebecca M. Webber.


386 North Road; land and building; $230,000; Carrie A. Hansen and Carrie A. Stevens to Erika T. Gavin.

9 Route 114; land and building; $249,000; Barbara R. and Jerry G. Ransom to Cheri L. Hayes.


1 Fox Hill Circle; mobile home; $132,000; R. J. & P. M. Robichaud Ret and Kenneth R. Robichaud to Philip W. and Deborah Thurlow.

18 Rolling Hills Drive; land; $401,133; Country Meadows Manufactr to Kane 2016 T. and James R. Kane.

Route 3b Lot 6; $285,000; All Around Home Improv to Elijah J. and Angela F. Hadam.


35 Collins Landing Road Unit 19; condominium; $245,533; Susan M. Podolske to Jake B. and Jessica E. Potter.

62 Pondview Road; $389,933; Ams Properties LLC to Christopher R. Olson.

Renshaw Road; $15,000; Deborah A. Gilbert to Enid W. Mackenzie.

Renshaw Road; $15,000; Enid W. Mackenzie to Deborah A. Gilebrt.

154 Rolling Hill Drive; $85,000; Rolling Hills T. and Christopher J. Bolton to Blueprint Homes LLC.

154 Rolling Hill Drive; $420,000; Blue Print Homes LLC to Scott M. and Heather L. Rousseau.


27 Lake Road; land and building; $264,000; A. Dunn Correa and Lisa Dunn to Amber L. and Joseph J. Fournier.


42 Cross Hill Road; land and building; $270,000; Michael Cave to Jennifer A. Barden.

78 Pancake St.; commercial building; $138,533; Bonnie L. and Jeffrey P. Sanborn to Matthew T. Conway LLC.


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