Letter: End Gerrymandering in NH!

Published: 3/17/2021 7:47:35 PM

A group of bipartisan voters from one hundred towns and cities across N.H. has begun a grassroots movement to ensure that the redistricting of our N.H. voting maps will not be gerrymandered.

Forward-thinking town councils have already passed resolutions for nonpartisan and transparent redistricting in Lebanon, Keene, Franklin, Dover, and Durham. Many town warrants have also been passed in towns like Londonderry, whose citizens voted in support of a warrant article in a vote with a margin of 3 to 1.

As a voter, you should be concerned about the real possibility of having to vote in a state with gerrymandered districts. Join me in reaching out to the newly formed Special Committee on Redistricting. This committee will be tasked with redrawing N.H. political maps and determining in which districts N.H. voters will cast their votes in the future. The committee members need to hear from you now, before the process goes any further.

Let them know that we expect them to develop a redistricting procedure which will ensure that election outcomes will not favor any one political party over the other, and that the votes of all N.H. citizens will be treated equally, no matter their party affiliation. Make them aware that we expect the process to require access to the public to view proposed maps and provide time for public input as to how the new voting maps will actually affect our towns before the plan is finalized.

Corinne Dodge


Concord Monitor Office

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