Letter: Myth of voter fraud

Published: 3/17/2021 7:47:40 PM

Given the length limitations I will only address one aspect of Mr. Bunker’s letter of March 13. I will comment on his statement that “automatic registration, early voting and no fault absentee ballots” are a recipe for voter fraud.

First and most importantly there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the United States. Even Kris Kobach and his voter integrity commission could produce no evidence of such. Beyond that the state of Oregon has been a model of how such things can work. Oregon has had mail in voting since 1987 and voted exclusively by mail since 1998. Every registered voter receives a ballot in the mail three weeks before the election. The ballots can be mailed back or deposited in drop boxes.

In over 30 years, Oregon has mailed millions of ballots and has experienced about a dozen cases of fraud. Since 2015, Oregon has implemented the motor/voter process. When a person applies for or renews a license or an ID card they are automatically registered to vote. Citizenship is verified by the DMV. A person can opt out of the voter registration. In the 2018 midterm elections voter turnout had increased from 43% to 60%. It was reported that the increase was largely in the less wealthy, less urban, minority population. People usually disproportionally affected by voter suppression actions As Mr. Bunker said voting is a right but it is a right that should be equally accessible to all.

Susanne Whitbeck


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