Letter: You can’t trust Kerry

Published: 4/14/2021 10:00:13 AM

Why are we trusting John Kerry to travel to China amid the tension, their aggressive imperialism and sabre rattling? Kerry’s “let them eat cake” moment telling blue collar oil and gas workers who lost their jobs on the XL Pipeline to “go get jobs making solar panels,” highlights how arrogant and tone deaf he is with average Americans. Kerry is so concerned about climate change that his family flew 2,200 miles from Boston to Idaho on his private jet on April 8th. His jet spent 20 hours in the air in 11 months, according to flight logs, emitting over 116 metric tons of carbon (the average car emits 4.6 in an entire year).

John Kerry has been a sellout, meeting with world leaders and negotiating poorly on our behalf for decades. His weak sister approach to the Iran deal and poor performance as the secretary of state would have been enough to kill any nomination for a real cabinet position. So, Biden appointed him climate czar. Kerry sold us out in Paris stating, “If all the industrial nations went down to zero emissions it wouldn’t be enough,” then trying to hamstring our economy while giving China and India a decade to pollute. He undermined the Trump administration by meeting secretly (shadow diplomacy) with our enemies. His entire career has been one bordering on treason and he should have been prosecuted under the Logan Act. And he is being sent to China?

Bill Bunker


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