Letter: Learn about crime victims’ rights

Published: 4/14/2021 10:00:10 AM

Victimization and its aftermath may be one of the most difficult periods in a person’s life. And victims’ families, friends and communities often face their own challenges as well. Loved ones may struggle to understand what kind of support victims need or even how to talk to them about what happened. Service professionals may be uncertain how their roles intersect with victims’ own sense of what justice looks like for them. Each crime victim’s healing process will be different, but one step everyone can take is to learn what rights crime victims have.

These rights will be best protected when all participants in the criminal justice process, and not only victims, are appropriately educated about victims’ rights. A great place to get started learning about crime victims’ rights is New Hampshire’s Department of Justice website under “victim bill of rights.” Another great resource is the NH Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence and many of their partners across the state. Here you can find information about supporting victims in our community or resources for victims and their families. Recovering from crime is a complex and deeply personal process for victims, but you can help ensure they have the support they need. I hope we can all raise awareness around the need to increase rights for victims of crime.

Chris Langlois


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