Letter: Support HB 177, protect NH parks

Published: 4/18/2021 9:00:20 AM

On April 9th, HB 177 passed in the NH House. Representatives from both parties worked behind the scenes on the last day of the session. HB 177 would create a 2-mile setback to protect all NH state parks from an abutting landfill development. Casella Waste Systems first introduced itself to Dalton in April 2019, when it attempted a failed “lot-line adjustment” to sneakily cut out neighboring abutters, including NH state parks, in order to circumvent the notification process required during the permitting process. Casella chose this site simply because it found a large landowner willing to sell to them in a small, poor, rural town with no zoning.

Less than four months later, the citizens of Dalton changed that when they voted to empower the town with Emergency Temporary Zoning. This was a grassroots effort to protect the town and state park from this uninvited, and unwanted landfill development project. Since then, the towns of Whitefield, Sugar Hil, Littleton and Carroll have followed suit. To date, Casella Waste Systems has refused to seek local approval from both Dalton and Bethlehem for its landfill project. As opposition mounts against Casella’s proposed landfill development project next to Forest Lake State Park, response from Casella seemingly indicates that this out-of-state corporation will continue with its irresponsible plans for their poorly-sited “Granite State” landfill, only 190 feet from a state park. Get HB 177 signed into law by Gov. Sununu to protect all NH state parks.

Jon Swan


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