Letter: Free discussion of divisive issues

Published: 5/4/2021 8:00:10 AM

The letter “Biden weakens democracy, not HB 544” (Monitor, 5/1) is untrue in its stated facts and misleading. I agree with the author that open discussion is key to democracy. The author states however that, “Biden and Harris should be opposed for banning the facts of the 1776 Project.” Quite simply they have not banned the 1776 Project Report. A simple Internet search will provide multiple links to the full text of the 1776 Project report in unedited form. I might add it is not even clear what “banning facts” or “eliminating facts” means. Diligent readers may even find some facts in the 1776 Project Report. But beware, it is also full of false, incomplete and misleading information.

The authors of the 1776 Report were partisan hacks and no professional historian was an author. The report was hastily released just before Biden took office without impartial review and widely panned by historians since. Biden removed it from the government website to avoid the view that it reflected his administration’s view, but it is available online. One obvious misstatement in this report is, “The Civil Rights Movement culminated in the 1960s.” The struggle for civil rights did not end then nor has it ended now. Read the 1776 Project Report alongside the 1619 Project Report (New York Times) to provide some balance. False claims that Biden and Harris have “banned facts” should not confuse our efforts to block HB 544 before it suppresses the discussion we all praise and value.

James Moyer


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