Letter: Oppose SB 129, protect NH’s outdoors

Published: 5/4/2021 8:00:13 AM

SB 129 will sell out threatened and endangered wild animals in NH to wealthy developers if it passes. It will be disastrous for the survival of threatened and endangered species. The House Fish and Game and Marine Resources Committee heard SB 129 on April 28. The sign-in sheets show that 147 people opposed the bill and only 13 supported it. The citizens of NH do not want this bill. The legislators voted 10 to 8 to pass the bill regardless of the strong opposition. This bill came about because of a backlog in the Fish and Game Department’s review of development applications, mainly caused by a lack of staff.

After a NH Supreme Court decision against the NH Department of Environmental Services (DES) for harming our endangered animal species, DES decided they would try to change the law. Along with developers and their highly paid lobbyists, they are urging our lawmakers to weaken the law itself — the 1979 NH Endangered Species Conservation Act. Loss of habitat to development is a problem wildlife faces and SB 129 will worsen that situation. There will be a vote soon by all 400 NH House representatives. Protecting wildlife habitat is a non-partisan issue. It benefits everyone.

Linda Dionne


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