Letter: Sanbornton voted for fair and transparent redistricting

Published: 6/10/2021 8:00:12 AM

Thank you to the voters of Sanbornton who voted an unanimous voice vote “Yes” at the Town Meeting on Article 11, and helped send a message to our state legislators that we want our voting map redistricting process to be fair, nonpartisan and transparent. An end to behind-the-scenes gerrymandering! Our unanimous voice vote shows just how important voters hold the fairness of the process.

As of this writing 64 other towns have passed it, sending an unmistakable mandate. Nine are in our Lakes Region area. Our town’s message will be conveyed to our state reps and senator, and the Special Committee on Redistricting gets a copy, too. Of course our State Rep. Tim Lang, Town Meeting Moderator, who voiced support of Warrant Article 11, already knows how it went! We are proud that our community stood up for a fair, nonpartisan and transparent redistricting process. Tom Salatiello, who also signed the petition to have this come to our vote at the Town Meeting, would be pleased with our unity on this. He always urged us to be fervent in our role as “citizen legislators” once a year.

Lynn Chong


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