Letter: Accessible trail in Concord

Published: 6/10/2021 8:00:16 AM

The article “Outdoor recreation is a challenge for differently abled, even when accessibility is promised” (Monitor, 5/21) caused me to stop and think about trail accessibility here in Concord. There currently aren’t many truly accessible trails in Concord, aside from a few parks, which, while beautiful, don’t provide that same feeling of escape you can get on the dirt trails that wander through the woods. As an avid hiker without a disability, I’ve enjoyed the many beautiful trails New Hampshire has to offer for nearly my entire life. Now, as I anticipate welcoming my first child, I’m thinking about how my family and I will enjoy the great outdoors on days when a stroller is necessary. A paved, multi-use trail would greatly enhance quality of life for all residents, not just those requiring wheelchairs and strollers, and would legitimize Concord as a true destination area.

The Merrimack River Greenway Trail is a planned trail that will provide exactly what lacks in Concord: accessible trails for every ability. I’m aware City Council will soon hold a hearing concerning the acquisition of an abandoned railway corridor, which would be transformed into accessible trail for all. The Friends of the MRGT have started an online petition to show City Council that Concord’s community wants this trail! Please show your support along with me. This would be an amazing improvement in the city and for its residents and tourists alike.

Kate Davison


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