Letter: What has Biden given America?

Published: 7/16/2021 7:00:05 AM

Since January, Biden has given us the following: food shortage (restaurants do not have certain meats), communist agenda (takeover by the federal government, national police, total disrespect for our police and military), ‘Green New Deal” (AOC/ Bernie), Critical Race Theory (NEA/AFT to teach what they want, not what parents want), high crime (Dem-controlled cities are a war zone, Chicago is an example), inflation and gas prices (gas prices up 40% since January), border crises, door-to-door vaccinations (good news for crime), gun confiscation.

I am an old veteran from a military family (some died in the wars) and I can’t believe the names I have been called by Dems. The newest name is “maggot.” The other day, a 98-year old veteran was “blasted” by Dems for playing the national anthem on his harmonica. Some of our Olympic teams members are turning their back on the flag. The Biden team is supporting these acts. I am a proud American and we cannot count on Reps. Kuster and Pappas or Sen. Hassan to stop Biden. We must vote them out in 2022. God bless President Trump.

Jim Mayotte



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