Letter: The good and bad of the budget

Published: 7/16/2021 7:00:08 AM

Depending on who you listen to the recently signed state budget is either the greatest budget ever passed or it was drafted by Satan himself. The truth is somewhere in the middle. First, the bad. The inclusion of the “divisive concepts” provision in the budget addresses something that doesn’t exist. No one is teaching Critical Race Theory in public schools. No one is going to teach CRT in public schools. CRT is designed for college law students, not New Hampshire high school students. All this provision does is alienate independent voters that are critical for the GOP to maintain control of the New Hampshire House and Senate.

Now, for the good. The budget itself is a great win for the citizens of New Hampshire. The budget is fiscally responsible and provides tax breaks for New Hampshire businesses so they can rebound from the pandemic. It includes a fair paid family medical leave program without adding an income tax. The Republicans and Gov. Sununu have provided a budget any fiscal conservative would be happy with. I only wish they had left out the unnecessary non-budgetary provisions.

Adam Czarkowski



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