Letter: Radical Republican infringement

Published: 7/21/2021 7:00:10 AM

Rising GOP star Rep. Dan Crenshaw recently said of the Republican Party, "We are the defenders of letting you do what you want with your life" (WMUR, 7/8). Let's review some of the radical legislation enacted by the Republican legislature. The state budget dramatically restricts access to abortion, requires a medically unnecessary ultrasound, and forces Granite Staters to carry a non-viable fetus to term, with few exceptions. The budget restricts free speech of people of color who want to discuss the history of slavery in this country and the lasting effects of racism. The budget similarly restricts white people who want to participate in those discussions to learn from the past and how to move this country towards extending true equity to all citizens.

The legislation forces taxpayers to fund private and religious schools while increasing property taxes in 1 in 4 cities and towns. Republicans refused to allow extending the sensible and secure absentee voting provisions which worked well during COVID, thus going back to regulations that make voting less accessible. Republicans refused to allow transgender persons a simple method of changing their birth records to match their gender. The bills submitted by Republicans this session make it clear that many of them have no difficulty restricting the lives of people of color, poor people, elderly people, students, LGBTQ+ people and pregnant people. The hypocrisy is appalling and not a hallmark moment for the so-called Republican talking point, “defenders of letting you do what you want with your life.”

Lucy Weber



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