Letter: The freedom to discuss it

Published: 7/17/2021 7:00:31 AM

In reading Joseph Mendola’s screed against Critical Race Theory (Letters, Monitor, 7/14) where he tries to pit Martin Luther King as an ally of his opposition to the theory, he entirely misses the point. The point of contention in our body politic isn’t whether you agree with CRT or not. The point is whether in a free society we have the right to study a theory, inquire about a theory and debate the theory in open and free education settings. The tyranny of the law that was snuck into the budget by Republican extremists and signed by a governor we now know is also extreme is that it represses the right of educators to present various points of view and students to consider those points of view.

It turns education into polemics and propaganda where only the state sanctioned view of history can be considered. Such an approach to education began in Stalinist Communist Russia when Stalin forbade the teaching of the Ukrainian famine as being based on government policy and action. Since then, other despots have also attempted to keep controversial viewpoints out of education curriculum. Only in America did we not allow such repressive actions in our education. The Republicans have changed all of that. It is this suppression and threat of punishment to educators who stray from orthodoxy that is so loathsome. CRT? Valid or not? I don’t know. Let’s have the freedom to learn about it and discuss it.

Wayne Fuller



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