Letter: A missed opportunity

Published: 7/17/2021 7:00:22 AM

The 2020 film Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always is a touching story of a teenage girl and her cousin who leave their own state of Pennsylvania to obtain an abortion in the less restrictive state of New York. The highly acclaimed 1960 film Inherit the Wind is about the 1920s trial of a Tennessee high school teacher who violated state law by teaching evolution. Our recently passed New Hampshire budget contains provisions that could have positioned our state as the setting for similar movies.

We now have an absolute ban on abortions after 24 weeks regardless of the health of the mother or lack of fetal viability and without exceptions for rape or incest. The only rationale for the newly added requirement for an invasive ultrasound before any abortion seems to be to humiliate vulnerable young women. This cries out for a remake of Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always. The ban on discussion of ‘divisive concepts’ in the classroom cries out for a remake of Inherit the Wind. Yet I read in the Monitor that the state’s Bureau of Film and Digital Media has been cut from the budget. Why pass cruel and mean spirited legislation if you don’t at least have the infrastructure in place to capitalize on the movies that could result from it?

Stephen Rasche



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