Letter: Out of the nightmare

Published: 7/21/2021 7:00:09 AM

A recent letter (Monitor, 7/16) asks, “What has Biden given America? Thanks so much for asking! Just seven months ago I couldn’t eat out, attend movies or travel easily. Thanks to the very skillful vaccination program led by Biden’s team, I do all of that without masks. I even traveled to Chicago last month, and contrary to some claims, it was not a war zone. I walked freely and enjoyed the diverse activities on the streets and some great meals.

Unemployment was very high seven months ago, but we regained hundreds of thousands of jobs since Biden took office. Even better, wages at the low end of the scale have risen dramatically so workers are being rewarded for their labor. This week, low income workers received new benefits that will make it profitable for many parents to work even with child care costs. Biden appointed a cabinet that looks like America to a greater extent than any cabinet in history. These cabinet leaders also believe that their departments have an important positive role to play and will work for us in housing, education and natural resources. He publicly supports the experts in medicine. The disgraced former president chose leaders who saw no positive role for their departments and tried to dismantle them. It’s a major upgrade. President Biden restored U.S. leadership in the world, by rejoining WHO, working with international environmentalists and NATO. He has already made significant moves to slow global warming. Keep up the good work, President Biden!

James Moyer



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