Letter: Women for Trump, a riddle

Published: 10/18/2021 7:00:21 AM

As I watched the crowd at Trump’s recent Iowa rally, I once again wondered at the presence of so many women. Their candidate of choice is firmly anti-choice on women’s rights and has publicly admitted to sexually assaulting women. He cheated on all three wives and has insulted the wives of Republican colleagues. He is both physically and morally repulsive and monumentally stupid to boot. How, then, does he continue to attract female supporters? I understand the perceived political advantage of hitching a ride on the Trump train, but his positions on issues directly affecting women, such as they are, do nothing to guarantee their rights or even their place at the political table (child care or tax credits, for example) and if you examine his inner circle of advisers, all are men.

Curiosity has on occasion compelled me to ask some female friends why they support Trump. They freely admit his failings but continue to believe that he is the best way to correct the country’s misguided trajectory to socialism. When asked for data to support their position, they either quote a disinformation source or simply say it’s a gut feeling. In comparison, men habitually cite Trump’s cowboy approach to governance. Perhaps I’m missing something, but if any candidate had expressed disdain for both my issues and my gender, I wouldn’t think twice about checking any box but his. I still believe that women are smarter than men and will eventually recognize their mistake, I just hope the Republic survives until that day.

Charles Huckelbury



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