Letter: A callous vote

Published: 10/18/2021 7:00:26 AM

Today I am ashamed and embarrassed to be a New Hampshirite. I was very disturbed when I heard that our Executive Council rejected $27 million dollars of federal money to help with COVID vaccinations. Whether or not one agrees with the concept of sending money to Washington, then receiving only some of it back, there simply is no good reason to refuse resources. We are already a state which sends more money to the feds than is returned.

One executive councilor was shown on WMUR stating that people who have had COVID will develop immunity, so don’t need the vaccine. What about those who have not contracted this deadly disease? Should we also allow the population to be exposed to polio in order to gain immunity? Or perhaps tetanus? Some will die, but no big deal. Survivors will have immunity even though some will also have lifelong health issues.

Will it take the death of someone loved by these executive councilors, perhaps a grandchild too young to have been vaccinated, for them to realize the importance of fighting the spread of COVID? How can they possibly want to withhold resources from those who wish to be vaccinated? In what way can this conceivably be in the public’s best interest? I am proud of the one executive councilor who did not vote to throw money away. As for the other four of you, I am upset by your callous vote, and ashamed of what you have done.

Teresa Wyman



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