Letter: A dark cloud of voter apathy looms over public education

Published: 4/26/2022 7:02:00 AM
Modified: 4/26/2022 7:00:32 AM

As a school board chair, I believe that public education in New Hampshire and nationally is under siege. I am dismayed by New Hampshire’s aggressive tactics in eroding public education, tactics that are earning national news coverage. It is painful to watch how rapidly public education is being eroded with seemingly little reaction from beneficiaries and supporters. I believe one of the most significant contributing factors to the precarious state of our public education system is voter apathy.

The critics and disruptors appear to have no opposition. The few who show up to vote in local elections or town meetings decide how 100% of the town taxes are spent. The recent slashing of the school budget by 20 attendees at town meeting in Croydon is an extreme example of the issue of voter apathy. The potential ramifications of the Croydon budget reduction on New Hampshire public education could be wide reaching and swift. Ongoing voter apathy will hasten the rapid decline that is underway. Democracy is a myth without participants. It relies on engagement, showing up, discussion of different ideas, participating, voting. If you care, get involved. If you choose to not be informed, engaged, and vote, don’t complain about the results. The contents of this letter are my sole personal and individual opinions as a voter, in no way speaking for anyone else.

Jesse Tyler



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