Letter: Importance of sex education

Published: 11/30/2022 7:00:24 AM
Modified: 11/30/2022 7:00:10 AM

How interesting that sex education for our children has been defunded by the three men (ages 62, 63, and 72) on the Executive Council. Gentlemen, it’s time to acknowledge reality! Your reasons for this decision simply do not hold water. 1) Lack of parental involvement: Parental consent is required for a student to partake in this curriculum. Parents are still free to discuss any and all aspects of sex and sexuality with their children. And what about the parent who just cannot bring up this subject with their child? Or the kid who tunes out the parent? Are they left to the rumors and myths of other kids, who have also just been deprived by these three men of solid, scientific information?

2) Age and appropriateness concerns: Middle school is ages 10 to 13. At what age did you first start wondering about sex? Probably before the sophomore (age 15) biology class referenced as a good time for sex education. And what credentials do these three men have for determining either age or content appropriateness? The age of puberty has been decreasing in the 40 plus years since they were kids. 3) Perhaps most appalling, these men describe the content of the program as “inappropriate and salacious” without having reviewed the curriculum. We can only hope that they are a bit more conscientious in their review of material related to other decisions. Kudos to the two women on the Executive Council who actually have their constituents interests at heart.

Teresa Wyman



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