Letter: Should the wealthy pay taxes?

Published: 1/24/2023 7:00:21 AM

How do you feel about the new law introduced in Congress by the Republicans, i.e., Kevin McCarthy and “Buddy” Carter (R-GA), to impose a 30% national sales tax on gasoline, heating oil, food, rent, children’s clothing, and services such as car-repair and medical care? This new tax is proposed as a means to replace the progressive income tax. A billionaire spends less than 1% of his income, so the sales tax would not bite him too hard, but working Americans will feel plenty of pain. In fact, if you live paycheck to paycheck, it would produce an immediate 30% reduction in your standard of living.

The Republican Party is the guardian and servant of the wealthy. Republican leader Donald Trump paid nothing in income tax in 2020. Did you have to pay more? As one of its first actions the newly ascendant Republican House passed a bill to reduce the number of IRS auditors for wealthy taxpayers, to ensure Trump and other wealthy people can evade taxes. We should move to fairer taxation, not towards a government paid for only by the working class.

James Moyer



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