Poetry practice

  • Amelia Fredette illustrated her poem “Possum Plays Soccer.”

By Damon Bergeron
Published: 5/12/2020 11:38:56 AM

Third-grade students in Ms. Descoteau’s class at Center Woods Elementary have studied poetry during remote learning. The first read poetry, then practiced reading a poem fluently, and, finally, wrote their own poems. Here are a sample:


My favorite food is pizza

It is hot and so delicious

Made in a triangle shape

Covered in toppings

Pepperoni is my fav

Covered in sauce

Hot and cheesy

Crispy crust

Eat pizza




Snakes and Cakes

There once was a little blue snake named Jake

He liked to bake tasty cakes and concoctions

He lived in a shoe outside kalamazoo

Where he escaped cobra jail with no options

Flushing toxic cake down the loo

Was a crime so outrageous 

For it was contagious

And full of sea snails green goo

He slithered his way through some tight jagged rocks

To avoid breaking the tough prison locks

Thats where he found shelter in hedgehog den

Never ever to be seen again

Possum played soccer

I once saw a possum that plays soccer at school 

He was really fast and it was sort of cool.

 The bell rang and we went inside

The possum beat us to the lunch line.

After lunch was writing time 

The possum made a rhyme.

Now it was time to go home

The possum played alone. 


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