Letter: A state sick tax?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The governor recently announced an agreement with the state’s hospitals that will help the expanded Medicaid plan to be continued in New Hampshire. This will also allow the Legislature to continue to proclaim that they did not increase any taxes this legislative session.

However, I think we need to understand where the money that the state’s hospitals are contributing is actually coming from. (Always important to follow the money.)

The hospitals don’t print this money. It comes from two main sources: the fees that they charge for the services they provide and generous contributions that are made by the general public. An argument can be made that if they can afford to make these contributions then perhaps they are overcharging a bit for the services they provide. Since this money is coming from the citizens of the state (directly or indirectly) then perhaps it should rightfully be called a tax (perhaps a sick tax?).