Letter: Neither naïve nor unintelligent

Friday, December 22, 2017
Neither naïve nor unintelligent

Karin Cevasco should be commended for her brave “My Turn” article (Monitor Forum, Dec. 20) describing her interview for the charter school position. Fortunately, our congresswomen, senators and local representatives also consistently exhibit a willingness to stand up for what is right.

Sadly, the lack of bravery that other lawmakers have exhibited is shocking and distressing. Their (and our governor’s) unwillingness to protect net neutrality and the passage of a tax bill that will hurt far more Americans than it will help are just two examples.

Additionally, New Hampshire legislators that either ignore or refuse to protect the citizens they represent are baffling.

There is so much going on that is destructive – nationally and locally – and it is insulting to witness the number of influential people who apparently think that their constituents are naive and unintelligent and might not notice the bad choices they are making.

When they are up for re-election, I believe it will become evident that we are neither.