Letter: American Taliban

Friday, December 08, 2017
American Taliban

This greedy administration reminds me of the Taliban destroying 2,000-year-old statues and artwork.

The Taliban will be but a brief chapter in history but has destroyed irreplaceable works. This administration will also be a brief chapter in our history but will be destroying irreplaceable treasures like our national monuments, national parks and areas like the Arctic refuge.

Once we mine, pollute, scar and despoil these areas they are forever lost to mankind. There is no need to do this except for temporary profit. There are much wiser ways to capitalize on the areas’ economic potential.

Tourism done in a tasteful manner is of course the easiest thing to do. People say tourism jobs don’t pay like mining jobs. Well, then pay more. In 10 years, nobody is going to vacation at a former strip mine site or a polluted river campsite. And to boot, this administration is eliminating rules that would force companies to have enough resources to clean up their mess afterward.

They will mine, drill, pollute, make a boatload of money, ruin the landscape forever and then walk away. We have no right to take these treasures away from future generations.