Letter: Failing their constituents

Thursday, December 07, 2017
Failing their constituents

In their “Our Turn” column titled “We can’t afford a carbon tax” (Sunday Monitor Forum, Dec. 3), state Reps. Michael Vose of Epping and Herb Vadney of Meredith do themselves, their constituents, the citizens of New Hampshire and all of our children a serious disservice.

There are many misleading and inaccurate statements in the piece, such as their reference to the fact, proven many times (it’s known as the price elasticity of demand), that higher prices for fossil fuels “might” lead to reduced consumption, and that this reduced consumption “might” reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and so on (it would, almost by definition).

Most serious of all are a huge disconnect and a blatant omission. The huge disconnect is between their own mention of the common carbon tax provision to return funds collected to the citizenry, so as to offset the tax, but they then ignore this when they imply later on that New Hampshire families will be faced with higher living costs. In fact, many studies show that most middle-class-and-below citizens come out ahead with such provisions, due to the refund’s size.

The representatives’ blatant omission is their non-mention of the serious consequences of climate change.

Vadney and Vose close by saying that New Hampshire’s impact on global climate change, as an individual state, will be way too small, as a percentage of the total, to matter anyway. So, we guess, by implication, that no individual New Hampshire citizen should bother to vote, since their vote will be such a small percentage of the total anyway, right? Are their constituents listening?