Letter: Good reporting on voting laws

Thursday, May 17, 2018

This is a shout out to Ethan DeWitt for his “Capital Beat” column (Sunday Monitor front page, May 13), which clearly explained how New Hampshire’s voting laws compare to those of other states. It was great reporting.

Amid the partisan cries from the Democrats that any attempt to clarify the terms “domicile” and “residency” are an attempt at voter suppression, and the Republican calls to ensure that only those who truly are residents get to vote in our elections, Ethan’s column was an informative, well-explained article that gave readers a very clear understanding of our law and those of other states.

From it we learned that most states don’t have the dual definitions, that we are among a minority of states that allow election day registration, that we are one of only four states that do not have provisional voting and one of 27 states that do not have a durational residency requirement. We also learned that durational residency periods have been upheld by courts, contrary to what some partisans are claiming.

This article gives readers the unbiased information that allows readers to make their own assessments of the merits of the various bills pending before the Legislature.

Ethan’s work represents the best of reporting on an important subject. Well done. Thank you.