Letter: O to the rescue

Thursday, August 03, 2017
O to the rescue

With so many negative stories in the media, I felt I shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to relate a feel-good moment that I experienced this past week. I admitted an infant to Concord Hospital earlier in the week (I did get permission from the parents to tell this story). Later in the week, the husband bought a take-out meal of filet mignon from O Steaks & Seafood to treat his wife and lift her spirits. Unfortunately, the steak had a mind of its own and fell on the floor before she could take even one bite. The 5-second rule just doesn’t apply in a hospital, no matter how much they clean.

But upon later contacting the manager at O, they graciously replaced the steak and saved the day (or at least the meal). Though O was not obligated to do such a good deed, I commend them for their excellent attention and service to their customers. They put a smile on a worried mom’s face (not to mention dad’s and mine). Thank you, O!