HCS students make solar s’mores

  • Emma Fifield tastes results.

  • Adam Bogle sets up is solar oven to do some testing. —Courtesy of Patti Osgood

  • Eli Marquard lines his oven up with the sun for optimal coverage. Photos courtesy of Patti Osgood

  • Chloe Caron, Emma Fielfield and Donovan Moynihan show off their solar project. —Courtesy of Patti Osgood

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Henniker Community School fourth-grade students enjoyed a sweet STEM class. The project was to make a solar oven using supplies you have at home (supplies included pizza boxes, rulers, and many other creative items). When they brought their ovens back to school, it was time to test the science on a sunny day. The test? Baking s’mores!