Letter: Feltes took action on Fish & Game Commission

Published: 1/14/2020 12:02:11 AM
Modified: 1/14/2020 12:01:25 AM

I want to thank Sen. Dan Feltes for listening, caring and, most importantly, taking action regarding the N.H. Fish and Game Commission.

On Dec. 4 I went to the Department of Records to find out what political party the current makeup of the 11 commission members belong to. Per RSA there can be no more than six for each political party. There are currently seven Republicans and the rest are undeclared. Not only are there no Democrats on the commission, the body right now is noncompliant with seven Republicans.

Why does this matter? The Fish and Game Commission makes rules pertaining to the seasons of wildlife hunting and trapping, wildlife that matters to all of the people in New Hampshire. The RSA was intended to try to share equality across political viewpoints, and thus make an attempt at bipartisan rules for wildlife.

Looking through the history, it appears that the way to not have Democrats is just to have the members make sure they go undeclared. Someone slipped up though. Gov. Sununu has made some egregious, extremely biased appointments as of late. One of the most recent ones praises Donald Trump Jr., a man famous for his trophy hunting of increasingly rare African animals.

Thanks to Sen. Feltes, the last appointed Republican has been asked to recuse himself by the attorney general until the matter is straightened out. Dan has put a spotlight on the commission and its current flaws; we need someone like Dan Feltes as governor.



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