Letter: A clear lack of affordable housing

Published: 2/23/2021 12:01:21 AM

I felt a special hope for humanity upon hearing that Boxes of Joy was able to extend a bit of comfort and assistance to the homeless population in Pittsfield last Saturday. I am gratified to see so many groups doing good work for our unhoused populations, yet also baffled at how so many groups and resources can be devoted to this issue, which seemingly swells with every passing season.

In Concord approximately 150 people are living without shelter, and one can easily count at least 11 organizations devoted to solving this issue.

Amidst all this giving and offering of assistance there is head scratching, bureaucratic paper shuffling, finger pointing, and shoulder shrugging, yet the numbers don’t change. It is simply glaringly clear that there is insufficient affordable housing in our area.

While police departments in communities across the continent have resorted to destroying property and slashing tents for the houseless individuals, that nasty little “blight” on cities and towns continues to grow.

With political divisions at a national high, both social progressives and fiscal conservatives share a common desire to eliminate the homeless encampment.

As a community we must draw a line in the sand and stand united against cruel, inhumane and illegal tactics used to enforce that common desire. We must call on direction from Chief Osgood, Mayor Bouley and Gov. Sunnunu to provide a safe and respectful alternative for these displaced individuals and challenge them to provide the community leadership with which they have been charged.



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