Letter: America may fail permanently

Published: 12/8/2018 12:00:49 AM

Turning toward socialism, America may fail permanently.

Most government policies have obvious, positive results in the short run. But voters are unaware that many policies have hidden negative results that greatly outweigh the positives. In my observation, the actual, long-term results of big-government policies are opposite to the intended results.

Society works best when citizens take responsibility for their actions. But scientists are identify more and more causes of human feelings and actions, limiting the apparent scope of free will. This gives government more opportunities to take action.

The more work performed by robots, the more human character deteriorates.

The federal government and the Federal Reserve Bank have caused major economic downturns. The 2008 recession, for example, was caused by eight unwise government policies. One of them, the federal guarantees of bank deposits, initiated in 1933, has enabled the nation’s immense (and continuing) buildup of debt. Except for a gold-based monetary system, government should do nothing about the economy. But it considers this unthinkable.

Too many illegal immigrants from big-government nations are voting for big government here.

Liberals abhor the U.S. Constitution because it restrains their power. They want a “living” constitution, interpreted according to how the political winds are blowing.

Liberals act as if everyone’s a victim except white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, healthy, prosperous males. They promote identity politics, encouraging “victimized” groups to lobby for government help.

Too many schools receive financial support from government. Too many young minds educated in those schools are full of mush.



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