Lake speeds play into election

Last modified: 10/28/2010 12:00:00 AM
The thousands of people who signed petitions, testified at legislative hearings and worked in support of the permanent speed limits for Lake Winnipesaukee - including more than 300 businesses and an overwhelming number of politicians from both parties - are appalled at the candidates who have aligned themselves with a flash-in-the-pan group whose ultimate goal is to repeal or drastically corrupt the 45/30 mph speed limits for boats on the big lake.

These candidates include John Stephen for governor, Jim Forsythe for state Senate, John Hikel for the state House and many others who haven't figured out that on the big lake with over 10,000 boats, swimmers, sailboarders, water-skiers, campers and photographers, controlling speed for safety purposes is as important on the water as it is on our roads and highways.

After two years of relative civility, common sense, courtesy and safety the large majority of folks really enjoyed their time on Winnipesaukee due to the speed limits being in place.

Please vote Tuesday for the candidates who understand the need for safety and peace of mind for the great number of people who enjoy Lake Winnipesaukee. Remember some simple math: At 60 mph you are traveling 88 feet per second; at 100 mph you are traveling almost 147 feet per second. Who needs to go that fast to have fun while endangering everyone in near proximity?



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