Down with zoning!

Last modified: 11/14/2010 12:00:00 AM
Here are five good reasons to repeal Pittsfield's 1988 zoning ordinance:

1. Larger business that are already established can easily come up with the permit fees, engineering and lawyers. We need to get rid of zoning in Pittsfield to let the little guy in the door and help plant the seeds of future business.

2. Zoning hurts competition. That's why some established businesses approve of zoning.

3. Most folks operating out of their backyards are intimidated by the planning board and zoning board and their reputation for presenting a large hurdle.

4. Barton Lumber might start doing more business. Also, the hardware store along with many other businesses in and around Pittsfield would benefit. If there was no zoning, people would be much more likely to open with a sign and be proud of it.

5. I'm thinking I don't cut my hair until Pittsfield is liberated from the shackles of zoning.



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