No marriage for anyone?

Last modified: 2/16/2011 12:00:00 AM
Elected Republicans in Concord have proposed eliminating all marriages - not just same-sex marriages - and replacing them with domestic unions in House Bill 569.

Over the past few years, Republicans argued that allowing gays to marry would somehow harm to the institution of marriage. Now, Republicans are actually trying to destroy New Hampshire marriages.

The world we live in today: 'Mom, Dad - my boyfriend and I are getting married!'

The Republican vision of tomorrow: 'Mom, Dad - my boyfriend and I are signing a contractual obligation at the town hall!'

Is the thought of two men being married together so horrible, so terrible, so world-crushing that New Hampshire Republican leaders would rather strip marriage from every New Hampshire citizen than continue to allow gays to marry?

New Hampshire marriage law as it stands harms no one, yet provides equal access for consenting adults.

Thanks to Gov. John Lynch, religious institutions are not forced to perform a marriage they disagree with. There is nothing here to change, fix or waste taxpayer money discussing further.

Call or write your elected representatives and tell them to stop wasting time and taxpayer money trying to strip civil rights from New Hampshire citizens and to focus on job growth and balancing the budget instead.



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