Clear a path to your fuel tank

Last modified: 1/27/2011 12:00:00 AM
Every time there is a big storm or a deep freeze, we hear about the postal carriers and how they make their deliveries no matter what. I deliver propane to residential customers and have been doing that for more than 39 years.

After a big snowstorm, the snowbanks I have to trek through can be ridiculous. After the recent 18-inch storm, I had to go through plowed up snow at the end of a couple of driveways that I sunk into waist deep. The underground tanks are another story. The majority aren't marked or uncovered, so I have to find those and clear them off. I see many paths that are made with a snowblower to everything in the yard other than the propane tanks.

All I ask is that people please try to keep a path cleared for your fuel delivery drivers. The paths that are cleared are much appreciated. Thank you to those customers. By the way, we had no mail delivery the day of the 18-inch storm.



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