Blame a fear of women's sexuality

Last modified: 7/21/2011 12:00:00 AM
If anyone is confused about the irrational decision by the Executive Council Republican manly men's club to refuse the Planned Parenthood contract - and thus ignore the reproductive health needs of thousands of women in New Hampshire - they need look no further than the Sunday Monitor's review of Frankie Schaeffer's new book, Sex, Mom and God (Books section, July 17).

Schaeffer was raised in an evangelical Christian commune in Switzerland. There, scores of nubile young women migrated seeking the spiritual thrill found in the worship of the handsome, sin-free, blue-eyed Jewish martyr, Jesus of Nazareth. Schaeffer, a lustful and rebellious son of the esteemed but 'nutty' Christian icons Francis and Edith Schaeffer, argues that his parents are behind much of the religious right's vehemence against and fear of women's sexuality.

Schaeffer documents the 'insanity' and 'corruption' endemic to this cult of sexual idolatry. The Monitor's review indicates that the 'God-of-the Bible' view toward women is both perverse and destructive, suggesting 'women are inherently corrupt and that their sexuality must be controlled by men.' Schaeffer insists that this world view is 'at the heart of the abortion debate that energized the religious right' and that evangelicals experience a 'profound anxiety about women and hypocrisy about the [female] sex drive.'

Schaeffer thus explains an executive councilor's comments about women paying for their 'fun' or the decision to refuse woman contraception because a provider who delivers it also provides abortion. It is all about men exerting control over a women's sexuality. Those men fear women having sex above any rational public decision of reproductive health care and just cannot stand the thought of young women having sex without their direct supervision.



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