Students promote sustainability

Last modified: Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Five college students are in Concord this week to promote sustainability and a movement away from fossil fuels.

Bryna Cofrin-Shaw, a rising sophomore at Brown University, is one of the students who arrived Monday in Concord as part of New England Climate Summer.

Cofrin-Shaw's group is biking to seven New Hampshire cities this summer and spending a week at each stop. In every city, group members are meeting with local governments, businesses and nonprofit groups.

At the end of the summer, they will gather with five other teams that traveled to different cities in New England, Cofrin-Shaw said.

The students will write a 'State of the Movement' report about sustainability and fossil fuels in New England

For more information, visit climatesummer.net.

Could you describe your group? We're a group of college students biking through New England this summer. . . . We're supporting, documenting and networking to sort of highlight what's going on in terms of sustainability and spread our message of moving away from fossil fuels.

What is that message? As a country and globally, we need a rapid transition away from fossil fuels, and the best way to do that is to start immediately to build communities that are more sustainable and do not rely on fossil fuels. . . . To do that we need to connect to one another. . . . We are trying to cross-pollinate between these communities.

What will your report at the end of the summer involve? It's a document that will show exactly what's going on in New England in terms of local initiatives to move away from fossil fuels to be more sustainable.

Why did you choose to come to Concord? In that it's the capital, we wanted to be sort of involved on a state level.

What are you doing in Concord this week? We are holding our own world cafe discussion (today at noon at Red River Theatres). . . . You're sort of asked thought-provoking questions.