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We don't need Planned Parenthood

Last modified: 9/26/2011 12:00:00 AM
I see signs as I drive along the roads supporting Planned Parenthood. Why? Poor women, including me, do not need 'help' to be exploited. We don't need counsel to have an abortion. We don't need birth control handed out. And we do have screenings available at our doctor's office, who are willing to work out payment plans with us.

What women need is a choice. That includes all options, including the Care Net Pregnancy Center, that would support a woman's spiritual, emotional and financial needs with a surprise pregnancy.

They also offer educational material to encourage responsible sex.

I would like to see a budget from Planned Parenthood. How much money goes into the pocket of policy advisers and how much to the abortion provider? How much really goes to the 'poor' women?

I find it contradictory that we are in New Hampshire, one with the lowest poverty rate, yet we need $1 million to cover poor women.

In the name of 'help' do any people volunteer at Planned Parenthood like Care Net?

I raised five sons well as a 'poor' woman with hard work and budgeting and found Care Net to be there to help with clothing and education. Also, the churches were a wealth of resources. Let's give them $1 million!




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