Summaries of shootings by police in 2011

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Since the beginning of the year, five people have been shot by New Hampshire police officers. Below are brief summaries and links to reports about the incidents.

Jan. 6

Larry Minassian, 52, of Salem, called 911 threatening suicide. He was outside his house when the police arrived, clutching a Bible and a 12-inch sword. He had a second knife tucked into the back of his pants. Minassian told officers he believed the FBI was after him, and at times he pointed the sword at his stomach. The police tried to calm Minassian by talking to him but ultimately failed. He “sprinted” at officers with the sword and was shot multiple times by three officers when he was 10 feet from them. A fourth officer also fired his Taser, but at least one prong missed Minassian and delivered no electric shock. Minassian survived the shooting but needed to have his left leg amputated because of his injuries.  READ THE REPORT

March 2

Wayne Martin Jr., 29, of Concord, was shot in the torso and killed by the Concord police inside his apartment building after coming at the officers with a hatchet. The police had come to revoke Martin’s conditional discharge from the state hospital because he had missed an appointment to take his schizophrenia medication. They spent hours trying to get him to come out of his apartment, but he wouldn’t cooperate, repeatedly hanging up on a counselor’s phone calls. When he came out of his apartment with the raised hatchet, two officers fired their guns. A third fired a Taser. READ THE REPORT.

May 7

James Breton, 50, of Manchester was shot once in the chest and killed by a state trooper following a 37-hour standoff with the Manchester police and a state police SWAT team. The police were responding to a report that Breton had sexually assaulted a young woman and were concerned for his 7-year-old daughter, who was inside the apartment with him. Breton answered the door with a gun and told the police “to get the f--- out of my house.” Officers tried to persuade Breton to come out unarmed. He was shot after the state police inserted a pole with a mirror into Breton’s apartment. Breton yanked off the mirror and slammed it down. A trooper mistook the sound of the smashing glass as a gunshot from Breton and, fearing Breton would shoot again, fired several shots at him. READ THE REPORT.

May 19

Shelly Naroian, 47, of Hillsboro was shot once in the neck and killed by a Hillsboro police sergeant after her husband called 911 concerned that she had a gun and was going to hurt herself. The police, who had surrounded the house, talked with Naroian for a little less than an hour but were unable to persuade her to come outside unarmed. The sergeant went into the house after Naroian’s stepson ran outside and shouted that she had tried to kill him. When the sergeant stepped through the front door, Naroian aimed a gun at him and refused orders to drop it. READ THE REPORT.

June 27

Christopher Seksinsky, 39, was shot and killed in his Winchester home by a Swanzey police officer after advancing toward officers with a knife. A neighbor called the police after Seksinsky’s wife said the two had been fighting. His wife said Seksinsky was suicidal and had a knife. When the four Winchester and Swanzey officers entered the apartment, they found Seksinsky on his couch holding a large knife. He refused to drop it and started walking toward the officers. After they fired a Taser at him and he kept walking, a Swanzey officer shot him. The bullet went through his arm and entered his chest. READ THE REPORT.

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