Cain is the one

Last modified: 9/14/2011 12:00:00 AM
Presidential candidate Herman Cain is uniquely qualified to approach the federal government as the morass that it is and work diligently on fixing it.

Cain has experience taking over a large, troubled, complex mess and turning it into a successful enterprise, where the business owners and the employees all benefit. Cain understands government policy from a real-world perspective. In 1994, he challenged President Clinton with hard facts regarding his health-care initiative. Clinton was unable to respond. Cain did this in a respectful, polite fashion, without making it political or personal.

It is important to have a leader who can shine a light on the simple truth, and keep issues away from the sink hole of sound bite and talking point wars. It is possible to be tenacious, and challenge people, without fighting.

Cain has proposed specific, common-sense solutions for the challenges our country faces today.

In the last debate, I thought it was telling when Cain jumped in on a question and asked, 'Do you want more rhetoric, or do you want solutions?' He then went on to provide some. Despite the fact that it wasn't his turn, everyone listened. At that moment I saw our next president.

If you believe that we should not elect another politician as president, and if you also believe that the time has come to put a dedicated problem-solver in the Oval Office, then I see only one choice for the Republican nomination. Join me in supporting Herman Cain. We deserve solutions, not more rhetoric.



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