National Debt Olympics at UNH

Last modified: 9/2/2011 12:00:00 AM
Students at the University of New Hampshire will get a chance today to see just how heavy a burden the national debt will be for their generation, as they scramble over obstacles and run against the wind. Involve America, a new, nonprofit group trying to ignite economic awareness in young people, is holding its national kick-off event at UNH, with the National Debt Olympics.

State coordinator Tim Quinney, a sophomore at the university, spoke about the group.

So you're sort of like Rock the Vote, which tries to engage young people in politics? Rock the Vote is something that just tells young people, go out and vote. This organization is picking an issue, the economy, and wants students to be better informed, so when they vote, they can make decisions in their best interest.

What are some of the events? There will be an obstacle course, a bungee run, parachute run and a climbing wall. And we'll have information about everything that's going on in the world and how it immediately affects our generation. The idea is this is going to be our debt, and it's going to slow our generation down.

Do you think your peers are unaware of the nation's debt? My set of peers is one that seems to be more concerned, and then there's the general student body who aren't. They have other things they are concerned about that seem more immediate to them.

So you're already pretty engaged and political? I'm in the College Republicans State Federation. But this itself is not really political. It doesn't support any party. The message we preach is one that is not political. It's just awareness.

What do you hope students learn from the events? Our goal is to try and draw out students, and show them, this is going to be your portion of the national debt. My personal dream would be they would look at the debt, at the state of the economy and make more informed decisions, look closer at the state and local candidates.

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