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Think you know history? Let's find out

Last modified: 10/18/2011 12:00:00 AM
From the News You Might Have Missed Department: Gov. John Lynch has officially declared this, the third week in October, New Hampshire History Week. The New Hampshire Historical Society will be celebrating at its headquarters on Park Street this evening. For our part, we're offering you this nifty New Hampshire history quiz. Think you know it all about the Granite State? See how you do:

1. Sarah Josepha Hale of Newport was known as the Mother of Thanksgiving for her role in urging Abraham Lincoln to declare a national holiday. She is also the author of a famous nursery rhyme. Was it: A. "Jack and Jill"; B. "Mary Had A Little Lamb"; C. "Baa Baa Black Sheep"?

2. True or false: The New Hampshire Constitution originally included a prohibition on Dartmouth faculty in the Legislature.

3. Who in the world were William Robinson and Marmaduke Stevenson?

4. What was unusual about the 1951 wedding of Julia Wild and George Wesley Tarlson?

5. True or false: In 1989 U.S. Rep. Bob Smith of New Hampshire coaxed a protesting Vietnam War veteran out of a homemade bamboo cage in front of the Lincoln Memorial, where he had fasted for 35 days. The man was unhappy with the government's attempts to find Vietnam POWs and MIAs.

6. True or false: Madame Chiang Kai-shek, wife of the longtime ruler of China and Taiwan, vacationed in Wolfeboro.

7. Which Concord mayoral candidate said, "Contrary to the many rumors which have been circulating throughout the city, I have no millionaires or near-millionaires, either in or out of the city, contributing to my campaign."

8. What did New Hampshire's 19th-century Millerite sect predict would happen on Oct. 22, 1844?

9. Which New Hampshire governor advocated the local production of oil, saying that we must "drill in the mountains and drill in the valleys?"

10. Who served as a state representative, governor and chief justice of the state Supreme Court? (Hint: He also instituted the nation's first modern, state-run lottery.)

11. True or false: In 2003, Kathleen Gregg, wife of then-Sen. Judd Gregg, was kidnapped at knifepoint in her Virginia home, forced to withdraw money from a bank and released unharmed.

12. Who was Agnes Ryan?

13. Why did the Concord Board of Health urge the discontinuation of public funerals in 1918?

14. Who is Michael Durant?

15. True or false: On the day Franklin Pierce was nominated for president, a cannon placed at the intersection of Centre and Merrimack streets in Concord boomed 282 times, once for each vote Pierce received.

16. The New Hampshire Legislature made history in 1819. Why?

17. Who are Philip Dick, Kevin Gil and Christopher McNeil?

18. What prompted the town of Hopkinton to issue five new liquor licenses to local taverns on June 6, 1798?

19. True or false: Gov. Mel Thomson said in 1975 that the National Guard should be doubled in strength and armed with "the most sophisticated arms available, including nuclear weapons."

20. True or false: A Concord police officer arrested clerk Walter Davis at Fitch's Drug Store in 1900 for selling soda water on Sunday. The law allowed for Sunday sales of only "bread, milk and the other necessities of life."

(Answers - if you need them - are provided in the story linked below.)


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